Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Rib City Grill

As previously mentioned, the one of the three things preventing me from becoming a hard-core raw food vegan is that I LOOOOOOOVE barbeque (the other two things are that I am a cheapskate and I'm afraid of large doses of fat, even if it's healthy--I mean those peeps live off of avocados and nuts for Pete's sake!).

I think when my husband and I retire, we would like to go on a barbeque tour of the U.S. How rad would that be? We could start in Texas somewhere and then head through Memphis and Kansas City and everywhere else in the country with a hole-in-the wall BBQ joint. We could totally die happy then!

Anyway, we've decided to start our 'Que Adventures now, and we grub at new BBQ places every chance we get. A few weekends ago, we headed to the Rib City Grill to try it out. We ordered the sampler which was enormous. It came with pork, beef brisket, a rack of ribs, half a chicken, two potato choices, baked beans, garlic toast and I got a side salad ( I have to pretend like it's healthy!).

The meat was all very moist, which is good for most people--I like mine a little drier. Hubs liked the ribs enough to polish off the whole rack. I tried a bite, but they were too fatty for me. The Pork and beef were both just ok, but the chicken was way good. I actually thought the baked beans were the best part. Good blend of sweet, tangy and salty. I think I ate all of mine and a spoon of Dustin's ( I wanted more but I was just too stuffed.) The garlic toast was rockin', too. It was nothing out of the ordinary, but it was made from nice thick slices of Texas toast and slathered with just the right amount of butter. I usually stay away from bread at restaurants in anticipation of better things to come, but the crust on this was just calling my name.

They had 3 BBQ sauces: Signature, Mustard and Sweet. They busted out the Secret Extra Hot from the back in the kitchen for us,too. That one was the best, and I loved it mixed with the Sweet (yeah, I like to make my own--that's Experimentarian style, baby).

We were totally ravenous when we sat down to eat, so I forgot to take pics until we'd already started, so I promise I'll do better next time. Overall, the food was about average on the BBQ scale, defintitley better than some we've tried, but not as good as our most favorite Sugarhouse BBQ. Seriously, we ahve not yet had anything champion that place. We had a ton of food leftover, and I was way stoked for leftovers, but we left our box at the restaurant. Boo! Oh well--I guess another trip to somewhere BBQ will have to be in the near future!


  1. hey emily, i saw your fridge on tina's page! saw that you are from the SLC and so am i! just thought i would say hi. i added ya to my reader. take care!

  2. Hey Emily! Saw your comment over at LovinmyTummy and was psyched that you're interested in raw! If you ever have questions, lemme know.


    (Choosing Raw)

  3. Janetha-Thanks Lady! I can't wait to check out your blog. Holla from the SLC!

    Gena-I love your blog and have read your story. You are definitely a raw food inspiration! I will be trying my first raw food restaurant on Wednesday! So excited!