Friday, June 12, 2009

Nancy's NonFat Yogurt Blackberry Flavor

I have wanted to try Nancy's nonfat yogurt for a while now as an alternative to greek yogurt because it is sooooo much cheaper. I figured if the taste and texture were similar, I could sacrifce the 20 or so grams of protein in my beloved Fage greek yogurt--Nancy's offers about half that. The only problem was that I could never find it in a single serving size, only huge-o family-sized tubs and I hated to buy that much just to sample. So I was really excited the other day when I spotted this little single-serve size with a fruit mix-in.

I tasted just the yogurt on it's own first. It was more tart and much less creamy than greek style yogurt, almost a gel-type consistency. Not bad at all, pretty comparable to most plain yogurts.

The blackberry flavor was a nice touch. Very sweet and syrupy on its own, so it does make a great contrast to the plain yogurt flavor. I only used about half the fruit stuff, and that was plenty.

This might be a good option for anyone considering "going greek" to try first in order to adjust to the tang. Nancy's offers several other varieties, I think strawberry and blueberry are among the ones I saw.

I recommend this as a good snack option. While I won't switch from my greek style yogurt, this is good to switch things up a little bit and offers some different flavors that are unavailable in Fage brand.

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