Friday, June 5, 2009

Raw Food Sample

My sweet, ever encouraging sister knows of my raw food curiosity and recently helped me out with my "experimentarianism." While she is not raw, vegan, or even vegetarian, she lives with some folks that dabble in the lifestyle. So when they had untouched takeout from the other night, I got to be their human garbage disposal (it's not a bad thing!!).

There is only one raw food restaurant in my city and it's called
Omar's Rawtopia, so that's where all this came from. The plate contained a "tabbouleh" salad (but I didn't see any tabbouleh?) with dressing, two raw "sushi" rolls and a cute little dessert cup.

I had a little of the dressing on a forkful of salad. It was interesting-really creamy texture, but slightly bitter taste. I tried to pick out some of the individual flavors, but only came up with garlic, maybe some tahini and possible cilantro which I'm not a huge fan of anyway. The salad had lots of avocado chunks in it, as did the sushi rolls, which only furthered the idea that I could never be a raw foodist because I have a strong aversion to highly fatty foods, no matter how good they are for you (unless it's peanut butter). Plus avocado kind of tastes like nothing to me. Anybody?
Olives, tomatoes, sprouts, parsley, avocado and almond hummus. I had to cut off the seaweed wrapper since it was kind of slimy and grossing me out a little bit. It also imparted a yucky "fish" taste to the rest of the roll, so I only ate about half of one after trying to pick all the veggies and almond hummus out.

The dessert was by far the best part. It was topped with some kind of tropical fruit puree--mango and passion fruit I think. There was chopped coconut and nuts on the bottom with just the slightest hint of chocolate flavor. All in all, I didn't care for this meal, but it made me all the more curious to continue to try raw food. Thanks to my sister for giving me the chance to broaden my culinary horizons a little--we'll have to actually go to Omar's sometime soon! Their menu looks pretty intriguing, and I've got my eye on the hummus pizza or the bean "burrito"--too many decisions!

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