Saturday, June 6, 2009


My first thought on opening the package was, "Dang, these smell good!" They smelled even better as I toasted them, and my husband even came out and commented on their delicious aroma.

These felt pretty dense compared to other toaster waffles I've tried (Special K, Kashi Go Lean), They're still pretty airy, but they don't just disappear in your mouth.
I couldn't really detect any pomegranate flavor, but that's unsurprising since only pomegranate flavor and pomegranate powder were listed on the label, fairly close to the bottom of the list.

Each 2-waffle serving contains 160 calories, 4 g. fat, 4 g fiber and 4 g protein. I originally chose these waffles because of the balanced fat/fiber/protein content, and they worked pretty well as a standard breakfast, but don't count on them holding you over for a marathon or anything like that. Overall, they were yummy...especially good like this!

Strawberries and Fat-Free Reddi Whip--dream come true!

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