Monday, June 8, 2009


I am crazy about sour stuff. I used to eat lemons as a kid and I'd rip my tongue to shreds downing sour Skittles in junior high. I love pickles of all kinds, BBQ sauce and anything with that touch of pucker. It comes as no surprise that I love vinegar, and additionally, Salt and Vinegar potato chips. I hardly ever eat them though, because well, they're FRIED! So I was totally stoked when I saw these Sea Salt and Vinegar PopChips at my local natural foods store. I've seen the PopChips before at Whole Foods, and on the blogs, but no one ever told me they had this flavor! I purchased them immediately.

Awesome crunch! Kind of like the best rice cake ever. It was an odd salt and vinegar flavor, but still satisfyingly sour. Good potato chip flavor and baked taste, even though the package specifies that PopChips are never fried OR baked. They're heated until they pop! My little bag was only 100 calories with 3, 1 g fiber, 1 g protein. Not much there nutritionally, but considering they're a stand in for potato chips, you really can't expect a full day's worth of vitamins and minerals or whatever. The only downer: I was so excited to try them, that I neglected to read the label until I sat down to eat them. Allergens: SOY! Bummer. But it was only soy lecithin, which doesn't tend to bother me as much, so I ate them anyway. I probably won't buy them on a regular basis, just due to that factor, but you better believe the next time I need some chips in me, I'll be making a special shopping trip to pick some up!

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