Sunday, June 21, 2009

Easy Like Sunday Morning aka Waffle Review #2

Sunday morning calls for waffles, yeah? These babies are nice and thick with lots of flax seeds winking out from the waffle wells (say that five times fast).

When I broke off a little taste, I discovered that there are gooey chunks of fig in there as well. Yum!

I was kind of hoping that these would taste like Fig Newtons, but no go. They didn't smell quite as amazing as the last ones I tried, but they still tasted great!I would recommend toasting these a little longer than normal to bring out the nuttiness in the flax seeds.

I was particularly excited about these for the addition of the Omega-3 healthy fats, hoping they will be a good stay-full breakie option. Each 2-waffle serving has 7 g fat, 4 g fiber and 4 grams protein, with 160 calories. Not bad.

I topped mine with a few blueberries and a drizzle of maple syrup and then snarfed them down easy like Sunday morning.

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