Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Party Time

As I mentioned here, I don't typically eat potato chips and the like, but the other day I scored an impulse sale buy on some Spicy Thai Kettle Chips and decided to have a potato chip party. Party in my mouth that is--these were bomb! So thick and crispy! All the best parts of Thai food, but with an unfortunate greasy aspect. Visible flecks of green stuff and coarse salt. Definitely spicy and garlicky--make sure you have a toothbrush on hand! Pretty good and luckily not too addictive, so I'll be saving these for a rare treat, and I'd love to try some of the other flavors (cheddar, anyone?). Good thing the husband is becoming very adventurous too--he gets all my leftovers!

Speaking of adventures...check out the giveaways posted on these two very eco-chic blogs! Erin is giving away some hot-yum applesauce and Janetha is greening it up with her customizable water bottles. Thanks ladies!


  1. mmmm kettle chips! the beer cheddar and the death valley chipotle mmmmm

  2. i just tried them too! i really liked the flavors! i also got a bag of the tuscan cheddar - i loved those even more! I love cheese! :)