Friday, July 31, 2009

New Love

I have tried (and liked) Popchips before, but today I've found a new love. Sorry Salt and Vinegar flavor, you were more of a school-girl crush. BBQ Popchips, this new love must be true love!

These are the most amazing chip I have ever put in my mouth! Yum with a side of yum and more freaking yum. The flavor on these is fantastically smokey and sweet. Everything my beloved barbeque should be, shimmied down on one bite-sized snack. I must be on some sort of chip kick lately, and luckily, my local markets seems to be complying with my every whim because they keep having these dang things on sale.

While I've been reviewing Popchips, evidently they've reviewed me as well--you'll notice the company listed as a "follower" to the side. I'm sure it's just someone working the web optimization but holla to you for amazing chips, and hey, I'm all for sampling some new Popchips products if they taste anything like this! (Was that shameless? I don't care.)

1 comment:

  1. Those look really good! And BBQ flavor just screams summer.