Friday, July 24, 2009

Super Size Me

Well, not me exactly, but my groceries for sure! Erin was interested to know what else I scored at Whole Foods besides my yummy tea from last night, so here's a peek! Everything was so jumbo! There's only one Whole Foods in the area that carries that huge tub of Fage. It's much more cost effective to buy that large size--it's only $2 more than the 16 oz container! Along with that I got some ginormulous peaches. Holy cow, they're like the size of my head! I also got a garnet yam and a new type of yogurt which I got to try this morning.
Very very unique flavor. As I mentioned in my last post, I don't love orange flavor, but I picked this based on the ingenuity of the combo. The orange flavor was still very prominent, but not too overpowering. Super thick texture and lots of grated ginger for an extra kick in every bite. I loved that it was sweetened with agave nectar--very light handed with the sweetener I might add.

Other ingredients: pasteurized skim milk, candied ginger, orange extract, live active cultures and vegetable rennet. I'm not sure what vegetable rennet is, but I'm guessing it's some sort of natural thickener or stabilizer. Can I just say that it makes me giddy when I find products with so few ingredients!! I mean compare the ingredient list on that luscious, tangy, satisfying little snacklet to the label on any other light yogurt. I guarantee the other yogurt will have a list a mile long, chuck full of preservatives, artificial flavorings and aspartame or sucralose. Not that I completely shun things like that, but the closer I can get to clean eating, the better. 16 grams of protein for this, too!


  1. We went to Iceland last March and I ate soooo much of their Skyr yogurt. Delish, I will have to try Siggis!

  2. i have that same fage in my fridge! haha.. love the GIANT size. such a good deal. i bought a siggis plain also but havent tried it yet. thanks for the thoughts!