Monday, July 6, 2009

Lovin' My Leftovers aka Buff Chix

After my visit to Sugar House BBQ (as chronicled in my last post), I took home some glorious leftovers, including some of that Buffalo Chicken a.k.a Buff Chix for short. Ha Ha. Instead of just shoveling it into my mouth out of the container like I wanted to do about five minutes after we got home, I reluctantly counted down the hours until I could make this:

Behold my Buffalo Chicken pizza creation of YUM. I used an Alternative Baking Co. Whole Wheat Pita topped with a sheeload of Frank's, fat-free mozzarella and a sprinkling of feta along with some of the divine Buffalo Chicken.

It was fabulous and I know you're jealous. Just kidding. Actually, the pictures hardly do it justice and I know it may look kind of gross, but I swear it was a saucy, spicy, gooey and chewy slice of Hea-ven!


  1. That pizza looks so dang delish! Ugh, it's sick how much I love pizza of all kinds!! Yum.

  2. I know! Whenever we make pizza at home I always have to divide my half into three or four sections because I can never decide what kind I want! BBQ chicken, ham and pinapple, wait--is there broccoli in the fridge...ooh where's that feta?...It's a mess :)