Friday, July 17, 2009

Yogurt Yeeeechhh

Well, I rarely say this, but this little guy was actually TOO sweet! It had a very, very strong artificial melon taste, and while that was cool for the watermelon flavor, I couldn't stomach the candy cane lane taste on this one. I think with watermelon, it's just more expected to have jake-the-fake taste since no one makes stuff that truly tastes like watermelon. But it's a sad, sad contrast to have Starburst-style yogurt next to juicy, fresh real cantaloupe. I ended up mixing this yogurt with some Fage so as not to waste, and it was much better after that. Thank goodness!


  1. what a downer, at least you were able to salvage it a little. i hate artificial flavored stuff.. i bet you would be better off belnding up a canteloupe and stirring it into some plain or vanilla yogurt.. mmmm.

    hope you have a fun (hot) weekend!

  2. Well. At least you had some Fage to calm it down a bit. I am really starting to dislike faux fruit flava. :(

  3. Cantelope sounds like such a crazy yogurt flavor! I used to HATE greek yogurt but now my taste buds have changed so flavored yogurts taste too sweet!