Friday, July 10, 2009

Taking the Avocado Plunge

Well friends, I finally did it--I took the avocado plunge! After seeing Gena's post on the very odd, but enticing Guacanara sauce, I decided I could give it a go. I figured if I just mixed the avocado in with a seemingly totally unrelated food source, I could just pretend it wasn't in there, which is exactly what I did. Well, let me tell you folks, I think my fat phobia could be cured, or at least partially remedied, because I will most definitely be making this deliciousness again ( and again and again)! The avocado gave the sauce an amazing creamy texture and the spices were spot on!

For the guac, I used 1 whole avocado, cumin, red pepper flakes, lime juice, garlic powder and added a diced tomato.

We were cheater-cheater-avocado-eaters on the marinara and just used Hunt's from our massive supply of food storage. Mixed the two together, and voila, mexitalian yumminess.
I had mine over julienned zucchini a la the original, and D chose to eat his with regular noodles. I think that's the mark of a truly wonderful husband when he'll try just about anything I decide I want to experiment with, but I think it's a little easier when it involves some sort of pasta! This recipe was sooooo easy and delicious.

I have some more Gena-inspired recipes up my sleeve, and after the success of this one, I will probably be posting them sooner rather than later. Have a great Friday!


  1. Avocado is so good it's hard to think of a way it could mess up any recipe! Good for you for trying this new dish. Have a good weekend.

  2. I am addicted to avocados, so I'm so glad to see you're on board! It's delicious in any way shape or form--salads, mashed with chickpeas, in a wrap, etc. You can't go wrong!

    Great tasting, great for you :)

  3. WOW...this DOES look delicious!! I need to try this. I think I have some avocados right now - I need to check and make sure I have the other stuff. Thanks SO much for this link Emily!!

  4. Question: Is it hot or cold? I never have heated an avocado, so just wondering.

  5. Deb, hopefully you'll get this response. Hot or cold? Hmm...well, the original recipe came from a high raw vegan blog, which I am none of those things. If you eat in that manner, I suppose it would be cold, but I eat mine really more of like a lukewarmish. I usually steam my zucchini, but then just take the marinara straight from the jar to mix with the guac. I think any way you eat it will be delicious :)