Sunday, July 12, 2009

Going Banankos!

This is one of my finds from Pirate O's a couple of weeks ago. It's described as a banana foam bar. I looove that fake banana flavor (gross, I know! But I like REAL banana flavor, too!), so I HAD to snag this. Although I could never find the country of origin on the label, it did have ingredients listed in English, Asian characters and a couple of European languages.Weird! I was expecting it to be soft and chewy, like a marshmallow, and while the flavor was reminiscent of a Circus Peanut, the texture was oddly crunchy...and foamy, which I guess is why they call it a banana foam bar. It was almost like a meringue, in fact.I know this isn't "health" food, per se, but I do think it's absolutely necessary for growth and development of the soul to eat a little junk nasty every now and then (or maybe even once a day). Plus, it was fruit flavored... ;)

1 comment:

  1. LOL, I agree with a little junk food being good for the soul!