Monday, November 2, 2009

Random Monday

Well,l this just might be my most random post ever!

I have a lot of things to show you, but they're not really related in any particular way so.....

Now that October is over, I guess it's ok to begin appreciating the holiday season as opposed to the fall season.

Pee my pants tea find of the day:
I love this stuff. Maybe even more than the gingerbread chai. Maybe. Plus the box is pretty.

Oh Target, how I love you. Please jump inside my brain and come up with a more perfect yogurt flavor. Impossible.

Not only this, but I also picked up an eggnog and pumpkin pie flavor as well. It will be interesting to contrast that with the last pumpkin one I tried. Something tells me I will like this one better. I usually have pretty good luck with the Archer Farms products.

The bread pudding flavor didn't taste exactly like bread pudding, but it certainly tasted delicious. I immediately threw it in with some raisins, Kashi Heart to Heart and Quaker Maple Oatmeal Squares.
Almost as good as the real thing!

Inspired by my above pictured divine little lunch from Friday, on Saturday, I ventured out of my cottage cheese comfort zone and made another luscious mess for breakfast.

This one was decidedly unseasonally inspired--think more summer sunshine!

Look closely and you can see the crispy crunch-ness of my homemade pineapple chips! Pineapples were on sale a while ago at the Sunflower Market for 99 cents EACH! 99 cents! So I bought three of them and sliced ht em super thin to make these. Funny how three pineapples made a sandwich bag and a half full of chips :)
Totally tropical with raisins, banana, honey almond butter drizzle, typical (cereal) trio and of course, some Fage down below. This was a winner! I know someone who'd agree!

I'm kind of curious about YOUR winners--I am SO stuck in a rut with my breakfasts and lunches lately. Bo-ring! Please share some of your favorites with me--I'd love to hear.

I know you guys are always the best source of inspiration for me, meals and otherwise :) Hope your Monday is off to a great start, and is slightly less random than these ramblings! have a great week! xoxo


  1. lmao. "pee my pants tea find" i love it. that yogurt flavor is insane! too bad it has raisins or i would be all over that. i hope you had a happy halloween and are enjoying this sunshiney day! xoxo

  2. Right now I'm hooked on mini whole wheat bagels + pumpkin butter + veggie sausage patty for Breks. SO delish.

  3. Why do you have all those crazy yogurt flavors in stores near you?? I'm so jealous!!

  4. I almost bought that tea this weekend! Instead I got sugar cookie sleigh ride.

  5. You know, I don't think I've ever had bread pudding before! But if it's just bread in pudding, that sounds good to me! :P

    Try savoury oats!! I like mine with a fried egg, breakfast sausage and salsa on top. But I've seen a few good looking versions with veggie burgers on top too :)

  6. I've never had bread pudding but bread pudding yogurt sounds incredible! How does Tar-jay just KNOW how to get me to buy things?! Way to go with the homemade pineapple chips - that's smart AND a great steal!

  7. Yay for yogurt messes! I know you're a cottage cheese luv-ah, but this is still a random suggestion (as I'm hooked on it lately). Mix cottage cheese with Uncle Sam's Flax Cereal--so good (and healthy). Not novel, but I'm hooked.

  8. Get out! I just bought this tea and had HIGH HIGH hopes. Now I am soooo pumped to try it after I hear you love it! :)

    And I MUST keep my eye out for these glorious pudding flavors at Target. Bread Pudding? Wow, I never would imagine Target could produce such a thing of wonder.

    Okay, lately, I have been digging the warm chopped apple with cinnamon, Granola and Yogurt combo. But I have just recently disovered the BEST cereal yogurt combo I have ever eaten.
    Peanut Butter Puffins, Raisin Bran, Banana, Blueberries, Yogurt, Mighty Maple PB.....really, this is like heavan in a bowl! :)

  9. I'm always SO jealous of Target finds...why can't NYC have one?! Boo. Breakfasts for me recently have been crunchy oatmeal...I like adding nuts and granola into it to make it a bit crunchy...!

  10. I searched at my Target for yogurt and there wasn't any! It must only be at Super Targets? Sad face :-(

  11. It is amazing how much things shrink when they are dehydrated. I do like bread pudding but I don't know if I would have been experimental enough for the yogurt ;)

  12. Bread pudding yogurt? Wow, so cool! And I'd love to try that sugar plum spice tea...have you tried the sugar cookie sleigh ride tea? amazing.

    I love baked sweet potato fries dipped in a mixture of cottage cheese, refried beans, and salsa. Also, sometimes just gnawing at a really good piece of bread spread with a good spreadable cheese and kabocha puree. Or a gourmet, kick-ass grilled cheese sandwich!

  13. Wowzers, you are the queen of quirky yog flavors! Pumpkin pie AND bread pudding in the last couple posts. I bow down to you with my plain ol' yogurt.

  14. I eat the same things most days, it seems, so unfortunately I have on great inspiration to share! with the change of season, though, I've been embracing the new seasonal fruits and veggies. I'm working my way through the winter squash spectrum :)

    bread pudding yogurt?! I can't even imagine what that is supposed to taste like!

  15. I LOVE that tea! I can't believe it's out already. Have you tried the Sugar Cookie Sleighride? Also amazing :)

  16. ohhh what kind is the sugar plum spice? i LOVE LOVE LOVE your yog messes. they are beautiful. and archer farms products rarely steer me wrong either.

    other good lunches? soup, sammies, snack plates and salads! look at that alliteration!

    love you girl!