Friday, November 20, 2009

I Scream, You Scream for...FFF #14

My favorite thing for dessert is ice cream. This is not me favorite dessert in the world--that would entail something like my moms' homemade chocolate cake with two inches of frosting, carrot cake from The Roof with two inches of frosting, or bread pudding--with no frosting--or with. That would be yummy too.

But for every day, I prefer something a little lighter and ice cream fits the bill beautifully, I consider myself quite the connoisseur of different brands and flavors. I think the slow churned, double churned, however churned is the best invention literally, since sliced bread. I mean, half the fat AND smooth creamy taste? That's what I'm talking about!

Recently, however, my friend Jess came up with a totally different type of ice cream and still managed to keep that smooth creamy flavor using a perfect ingredient for Freaky Food Friday....

Avocado Ice Cream!
Yup. Ever since taking the plunge with avocado this summer, I am not quie so afraid of it, and it it a little more often, but never before in a sweet format. Now, i know that a lot of vegan and raw cooking incorporate avocado into certain desserts to replace animal fats and dairy products, but I think it's usually masked by a stronger ingredient such as chocolate. In this dessert, it was the star of the show for sure!

You'll notice above, that I said creamy flavor, but not necessarily texture. You can see in this pic, that the ice cream ends up being slightly crystallized, but it still tastes very smooth!
It is a sweet dessert, but at certain points, I'd find myself feeling like I should bust out the chips and salsa and start dipping. So, the avocado flavor certainly shines through, but is wonderfully complemented by lots of sugar and hints of cream. Needless to say, this isn't something I can eat a lot of at one time...which, given my track record with other types of ice cream, may not be a bad thing!

What's the best dessert you've had recently? This was definitely the most interesting one I've had in a while! Hope you all have a great Friday and a happy weekend. See you tomorrow for Sammie Saturday! xoxo


  1. Okay, I LOOOVVEEE ice cream. Seriously, I'm infatuated with the stuff...but, I;m not too sure how I would feel about the avacado in my bowl of fro yo. Interesting.....

    But speaking of ice cream, now I'm totally feeling some Pumpkin Ice cream thats waiting for me in the freezer! ;)

    Have a fantastic weekend girl!

  2. Oh yeah I LOVE churned ice cream. I've never tried avocado ice cream but I'm willing to bet I would love it!

  3. I just tried Stonyfield Pumpkin Yogurt...dear goodness it was amazing.

  4. Boo, avocadoes are on the list of high-fat foods that do a number on my stomach. It's a damn shame, cause I love them!! The most I can do is a little bit in sushi :(

    Best dessert I've had recently was that chocolate molten lava cake Chris and I had for our anniversary. But I've had a hankering for carrot cake lately. And pie. And cookies, and, and... :P

  5. Wow - avocado ice cream!? Sounds pretty good actually (I LOVE avocados)! My all time favorite dessert though? Milk & cookies!!

  6. Hmm I have to say avocado ice cream is probably delicious.. That raw chocolate pudding I used to make all the time was sooo good! Maybe try adding some cocoa powder?

    When I was younger people used to ask me what my favorite food was and I always said ice cream. I was obsessed!

  7. That sounds interesting, for sure :D My brother once had a garlic tofu ice cream...ack. Avocado sounds better. Best dessert I've had recently was the carrot cupcake in NY. YUM!

  8. ice cream is my favorite food EVER! that looks really good actually. i dig it. and i love the 1/2 the fat dreyers vanilla bean! i could easily eat a whole container in one sitting though... hmmm..

    how are you? i am trying to catch up on blogggging.. and i miss you. we should get some food together SOON. maybe lunch at WF sugarhouse this week? eh? eh?

  9. reminds me of my favorite avocado-filled sweet treat (a specialty drink found at Los Hermanos in Provo)