Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Caramel Apple Cheesecake Oats aka Locked In

So, a funny thing happened to me on the way to breakfast the other morning...No, this is NOT a joke. But my husband sure thought it was humorous.

I got the chance to sleep in a little bit--and by sleep in, I mean, I woke up at 4:45, 5:15 and then made myself get back in bed until 5:52. It was my day OFF, dammit!!!

D had gotten up earlier and closed the door to our bedroom so he wouldn't wake me up showering (I'm very sensitive--so is he. Sweetie pie). All fine and dandy...until I got out of bed, thoughts of the delicious breakfast I had planned drawing me out of my covers and into the cold...I reached to open the door...stuck. Jiggled the handle. Twisted the knob. Turned again. Pulled as hard as I could. I was STUCK!!! Locked in my room! This is not a good thing.

I checked the lock, twisted and turned and pulled again, banging the door against it's hinges. Cripes! Totally peeved. How am I supposed to spend the day locked in my bedroom when i don't even have a computer in there?? Or a hacksaw to get out. Good grief. Luckily Dustin heard the ruckus from his bathroom and came to my rescue. After shoving his little pocketknife under the door so I could attempt to unscrew the doorknob, he threw his coat on over his pj's and came through the patio doors to finish dismantling the door. My knight in shining armor! Only I'm pretty sure most knights don't typically lock their princesses up to begin with.

I would like to point out that yes, I could have escaped through the patio doors as well, but I wouldn't have been able to get back IN the house at any other entry point since everything was locked. We're safe like that.

After Dustin picked himself up off the floor from laughing, and from me body slamming him on the way to the kitchen (kidding, kidding), he suggested that at least now I would have a good story to post on the blog. So there ya go!

Luckily, I have another good thing to post about today, too. The breakfast I was so excited to make before i realized I was trapped...

First of all, I found these in the store the other day and knew exactly what to use them for!

Look how cool! Think of the possibilities!

But there was only one possibility in the forefront of MY mind...

Caramel Apple Cheesecake Oats:

Soooooooo goooooood! This tasted like dessert. Creamy and gooey and warm. Is there a better way to start your day than with
candy in your oats? No. Maybe a healthier way, but whatever to that. There is probably less sugar in my candied up bowl of oatmeal than a standard bowl of most cereals--at least I will tell myself that for the day :)

  • 1/3 c oats, prepared
  • 1 laughing cow cheese wedge
  • 1 baby apple, chopped an steamed in the microwave
  • cinnamon
  • sprinkling of baby caramels

I mixed everything together and then microwaved to get the caramels to melt a little better. You guys, please make this! Your day will instantly become about 800 times better. Just like mine did when I got unlocked from my bedroom. But then again, any food might taste delicious after being released from five complete minutes of angry, door-pulling, temper-tantrum throwing solitude. Be safe out there peeps.

I don't know about you, but I am SOOOOO excited for only another half day of work and then a four day weekend! Yay! We are headed up to the MIL's to spend time with D's family which should be really fun. What are you all doing for the holiday? xoxo


  1. Haha I'm sorry you got locked in the bedroom! I've been locked in my bathroom before...not fun!

    Like the sound of caramel and Laughing Cow...sounds sweet-savory - my favorite combo! Have a fabulous day!!

  2. Oh myyyyyyy... I want those oats. Dang, they don't sell butterscotch OR caramel chips in this country. Look aweesomely delish- I bet some pumpkin would be great in there too. YUM.

    Your man is a knight in shining armour- my front door is really stiff and I get scared that I am going to get stuck in my apartment one of these days!

  3. Aww that's sad!! Once my dad got locked in the bathroom.. now that was quite funny!

    Laughing cow in oats?? Now that's a new one! Does it taste good in there??

  4. First of all, I thought I was locked in my house a couple weeks ago when I couldn't get the back door leading to my back door unstuck. It literally took me 15 minutes to realize that there were two other doors I could leave from. Oy. All is well.

    And those oats look yummy! Actually, I'm not big on sweet oats, but I can think of a bunch of fun desserty things to do with those...fun!

  5. Yessss. I came to comment specifically to tell you to use them on your oats!!! I bought those last year and would sprinkle them on my oatmeal - DELICIOUS. I might have to go out and buy more for that purpose!

  6. hahahahah this was even better since i have been to your house and could totes visualize it. i was cracking up! those oats look awesome! LCL in them to make them "cheesecake"-y is brilliant. i think i should give this a whirl :) see you manana pretty girl!

  7. OMG. those mini caramels are amazing, and the fact you made that concoction is absolutely stunning. i am in love with that bowl. and that story - that is hilarious!


  8. Ohmygaaahhhh, adding laughing cow to your oats to make cheesecake oats in genius!!! Simply amazing.

    And I love how your first thoughts of survival were computer-related :P I got locked in a room in my cottage once and it was so stressful. Thankfully (?) the walls there are more like dividers and don't reach the ceiling, so I scaled the wall to get over. My sisters were laughing on the other side. Jerks.

  9. AWww, this totally made me chuckle. Forgive me for laughing, but this is the cutest story I have heard all day!! It is totally something I would do. :)

    But if I had those oats waiting for me, I am pretty sure I would have broken down the door to get my hands on that bowl. Wow girl, incredible amazing bowl today! :)

  10. Bahaha! I would have been very mad too, but in hindsight, that is pretty darn funny.
    and caramel bits? Um, yum.

  11. I just saw those caramel bits the other day. They look yummy. Why don't I experiment with my oats more?

  12. oh my gosh girl.. will u make my oats?! but for real.. adding LC into them is GENIOUS! i gota try it

  13. YUM!! at first I thought they were chickpeas haha I had to scroll back up and see that no, they were indeed caramels! looks soooo delicious what a fabulous idea in oats!

  14. HAHAHH - that is pretty darn funny! If anything comes between me and my breakfast, especially that, I would have been tearing that door down! Glad you had your honey-pie to save you :)

    LOVE that you put LC in the oats! The toppings sound fantastic but I'm most intrigued by the LC - yum!

  15. OMG that's too funny! Did you figure out how the door got stuck?? Those caramel bits look like fun...definitely keeping an eye out for them!

  16. Whoa, what a scare! I remember I got locked in my own room once, too. I was kind of freaking out, since I was a young kid....my dad had to come and knock off the door knob!

    And that bowl of oats? Holy smokes! Orgasm in the mouth!

  17. "How am I supposed to spend the day locked in my bedroom when i don't even have a computer in there??" Hehe--I feel ya. If I had a computer, I could pretty much be happy anywhere ;) I'm glad you broke free!

    The caramel bits...oh the possibilities, indeed! They kind of look like chickpeas...hmmm...caramel hummus? ;)