Saturday, November 21, 2009

Phinally Philly

Yes, oh yes, I FINALLYYYYYYY got what I've been waiting for! Yee haw and thank goodness for Sammie Saturday so I can show it all off!

But first I had this little guy, in yet another attempt at prolonging my cheese steak jones.
Whole grain bread, laughing cow, feta, sliced sweet and spicy peppers, roast beef. It's meals like this that make me wonder how I ever lived without beef. I mean props to all the veggies and vegans out there--I think it's a truly admirable way of life, health and eating. But cowgirl needs her meat yo! TWSS)

And now, on to more meat. TWSS x 2--I'm on a roll--and look, so is my sandwich! How cheesy...but then again,so was my sandwich :)
Big ol' chewy roll, crammed with tender, lean sliced beef, grilled onions and a teensey slice of provolone applied by my own hand. With a ginormous pickle on the side for kicks. Hey, if you're selling, I'm buying!

This was DE.LISH. The bread was so perfect, and I will probably be talking about it for days. Slightly crispy and perfectly chewy crust, surrounding the most doughy pillow of soft fluffy bread. Holy yum. I loved that the beef wasn't gristly or fatty. My only regret is that I didn't ask for extra onions like my friend did.

I was proud of myself for adding a little cheese. the sandwich comes with either provolone or cheeze whiz on top, so I asked for my provolone on the side and strategically placed just enough not to freak me out on while it was still warm so it would get all melty. Good call. For some reason, cheese on things is still a big fear for me. But I think this was a good rut buster, because seriously, you can't have a cheese steak without the cheese!

I also got to try another new thing I've been dying to try this weekend. Everyone and their mom has been singing the praises of High Intensity Interval Training, and I love the concept. 20 minutes of hard core pushing yourself, versus 40-60 minutes of ho-hum cardio queen routine (that would be me). HIIT has been shown to have many benefits, including building stamina and endurance and lowering body fat.

Even though I am simply convinced that less cardio will make me turn into one big blob, there are a few majorly hot bloggers who prove just the opposite. So despite the fact that I am terrified of deviating from my usual gym mandates, this morning I sucked it up and pounded out this version of HIIT, modified from the Oxygen magazine web site:

0-5 minutes 6.0 mph (warm up)
5-6 minutes 6.5 mph
6-8 minutes 6.0 mph
8-9 minutes 7.0 mph
9-11 minutes 6.0 mph
11-12 minutes 7.5 mph
12-14 minutes 6.0 mph
14-15 minutes 8.0 mph
15-17 minutes 6.0 mph
17-18 minutes 8.0 mph
18-20 minutes 6.0 mph
20-21 minutes 7.5 mph
21-23 minutes 6.0 mph
23-24 minutes 7.0 mph
24-25 minutes 6.0 mph
25-27 minutes decline to walking speed, cool down

I neglected to note that there were incline increases listed in the original workout, so I just left it at 0 the whole time. Next time, I'll try to adjust the incline as I go along. I actually really enjoyed this workout and loved that I got to change it up every minute or so--that is perfect for my mini attention span. After the HIIT, I have to admit that I hopped on the bike for a little bit so I could read my book. I felt pretty chill though, afterward, and not drained or relieved that my workout was over. I think I will be adding this in, for at least the next month or so, just to give it a try.

What do you think? Have you ever tried HIIT? I really am excited for the addition to my routine. If it's not working, I guess I'll know pretty quickly, but I think the most important thing is having fun and switching it up every now and then. Hopefully my body will thank me.

Anyway, I thank YOU for reading and hope you had a great weekend! xoxo


  1. Love HIIT! I like yours was pyramid-style too. Once I hit my peak, it seems easier as I start to decline. I like doing about 15 minutes of it on my weight training days. It's a nice little burst of cardio, and it's actually better at building muscles compared to long endurance cardio.

    Yay on the philly cheesesteak!! Funny you mention the beef thing. I went almost a decade without it as a vegetarian, and wondered how I made it that long when I ate my first hamburger. Hamburgers are now the reason why I'll never go back :)

  2. I love love love HIIT! I first started doing it with the Tabata training class at the gym which is 20 seconds of your max effort with a move (like jumping jacks) followed by 10 seconds walking/rest. I didn't believe it would be as good as a longer cardio session at first but I can see major results now!

    Your HIIT sounds awesome! I'm not a good runner.. I don't think my legs are made for speed!

  3. Good for you for allowing your craving to be met! It's important not to avoid it otherwise it'll blossom into something big and scary!

    Never did HIIT but you make it sound less scary than it maybe is?? Good for you for trying it!

  4. i loooove HIIT, as you know. hooray! that looked like a great routine you did :) SO i have to know, WHERE did you get that philly?!?

    wednesday works for me! and i totalllly agreed w/ you on the salad bar. it is funny, my roomie works @ ours and i was telling him that night how HORRIBLE thier salad bar is compared to sugarhouse!! how funny. it is so true.

    i love you!

  5. so glad you got your sandwich- and that it didnt' disappoint! the worst thing is when you finally get to fulfill a craving, but are left unsatisfied. you know?

    HIIT is great and really effective, I think. of course, all I ever really want to do is go outside for a nice long run, but I am trying to be better about including variety in my routine. want to keep my body from getting too conditioned to one thing.

    enjoy sunday!

  6. girl..that sandwich looks AWESOME! ive always wanted a philly!

  7. I need to get back on the treadmill. I think I've forgotten how to use it. I am inspired by your workout!
    YUMMMM on the sammie. I am totally with you on the beef issue. I just love it!

  8. Both those sammies look TDF! Mmmm.

    I just tried HIIT for the first time last week and it kicked my ass!

  9. yes LOVE hitt! I acutally have a whole page dedicated to it on my blog in the workout section!!! OMG that sandwich looks increddddd

  10. I LOVE the workout routein!!! I'm really into high impact right now, I have found some great workout that are like 15 minuteds or less and you still get some crazy sore muscles and a sense of accomplishment... you should check 'em out I think you'd find something you like (on my blog under 'workouts')

    the sammies look so goood!!! I am a sucka for sandwiches!!! big time!!!

  11. I think my husband would kill for me to make him a sandwich like that one. Of course afterwards he'd probably say, "It's good..but not as good as the real Philly sandwiches." LOOKS LIKE IT though.. :)