Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Copy Cat

I mentioned a while back that I was stuck in a bit of a food rut, and asked you for some of your greatest food winners to help me out of it. You all had some great thoughts, and I can't wait to try some suggestions!

In the meantime, I turned to some of my favorite bloggies for inspiration. These ladies are some cool cats , and have some unique staples that are worth breaching the routine for. So I decided to incorporate some feline design and do some copy-catting down the line.

Copy Allison

Traditional spicy oats. You may recall my spicy fail here, but by actually following the directions (for the most part), they are a savory success. I usually prefer to get my day started on a sweeter note, but spicy oats are truly a crave-worthy concoction for breakfast, lunch or anytime.

Copy Holly and Tay

Thanks to Holly, who introduced the homemade yogurt idea , and Tay who keeps making it look so darn easy and delicious on her blog.

I was weary to make my own yogurt--see question and answer here--but there is nothing like taking on a kitchen experiment to perk up your Sunday afternoon and then bounce your Monday morning.

My batch didn't turn out as thick as tangy as "real" Greek yogurt, but it definitely lost a lot of liquid and took on a more custardy texture throughout the process. I'm thinking about mixing some of this style with a container of Fage to get a greater return on investment...we'll see. I am interested in trying a couple of other brands of plain yogurt to see if the texture or flavor turns out any different. All in all, it's a great addition to any mess or beautiful breakfast creation.

Copy K and Susan
Reese's Oats. To. Die. For. I don't know why I don't make these more often. Look at that decedent swirl!

A little candy added to make them extra sweet a la Susan

I think I actually smiled ALL morning when I made this for brekkie. Got my day off on the right foot for sure! If you have not tried A) PB and chocolate (or carob) in your oatmeal or B) decorating it with candy goodness, what in H-E-double hockey sticks are you waiting for??

Copy April
Roasted Kabocha Squash and nut butter. Given the wonderfully gooey and marshmallow-y texture of a roasted kabocha, the addition of peanut butter makes it almost reminiscent of a fluffernutter. I said almost. Best snack ever.

Copy Mama Pea
Pumpkin spice chickpeas
. I cannot tell you guys how amazing my kitchen smelled while baking these. Luckily, they tasted just as amazing--but it is my suggestion to WAIT until they cool down after removing them from the oven before you eat them. Otherwise you will probably suffer the eruption of a wonderfully spiced chickpea volcano on your tongue. And that is not wonderful.

Copy Janetha B.
Garbanzos and CC. While I didn't have any ranch seasoning, I totally thought of the protein queen when I whipped this up. You know I'd never turn down a new CCC. Fab.

Come to think of it, so much of what I eat has been influenced by the blog world and your wonderful creations! Where would I be without a good Lauren-lovin' BFD every once in a while?Or some of my favorite recipes including Danica's delicious enchiladas, Lainie's super versatile turkey joes and a twist on my favorite English Eater's veggie Biryani?

I am constantly checking out Sophia's Asian persuasion for burpalicious creations and blissing out on peanut butter for some lovely lists. I've seen so many things I want to try (hello kelp noodles and kefir cheese!) on Emily's blog and great baking ideas from my little dancer.

Even beyond food, I always look to Abby to say what's on my mind, or Erin to keep me ethical, and even on my worst days, I can usually find a little bit of love here.

My apologies if I've missed ya, but please don't think think I've dissed ya (you love my rhyming skillzz). Just know that everywhere I look, click or comment, I am finding inspiration in you!
You are amazing!

What's inspired you lately? xoxo


  1. What an awesome post!! You are so sweet! Bloggers have the best ideas don't they?? I wouldn't be eating half the stuff I eat without them!

  2. You are just the sweetest and cutest! :)

    Hope you are having a good week mama!

  3. you are right: there is no excuse for a food rut with all these amazing ideas to try! I may copy you and start copying others more!

    I try to draw inspiration from whatever is in season. new produce excites me :)

  4. Awww, I am so happy that you can't live without some BFD in your life! Me too girl!

    You are so sweet and I just love you more than you know! ;)

    Hope you are having a great week.

  5. The bloggers are genius! Glad you liked the oat combo :)

  6. ah i love this post! so many great ideas!! MISSED YOU LOTS! i am back now though.. where is the snow??

  7. Oooh...Reese's Oats!
    The best thing about the blogosphere is the inspiration for good food!

  8. Yay glad the yogurt turned out well!! I agree - not quite as tangy, but a good alternative!

  9. You totally just featured all of my favourite blogger creations! Those chickpeas and yogurt are actually next on my list. Blogging has definitely changed the way I eat. This time last year... I had never tried PB on oatmeal. Madness! :P

  10. Haha, I feel so special now! >.<
    I agree...a lot of inspiration comes from blogs!
    But my major source of inspiration is actually from God, and the bible! :)

  11. Great post, once again, and I'm honored to be mentioned (especially since I don't cook anything creative!) You serve as a big inspiration to me, as you're always trying new stuff, even if it's a challenge for you.

    The great ideas and support out there in blogland are incredible. Even if I don't get that creative, I have learned so many different things to try and think about...great post :)

  12. ah, I love this post! Bloggers definitely have some great ideas :D Currently obsessed with Allie's (Live, Laugh, Eat,) recipe for microwaveable pumpkin pie, and crack wraps that seem to have had their 15 mins of fame, but still taste as good as ever to me!

  13. keep testing out yogurts, because mine turns out exactly like Greek yog!

    love, love, love this! i have thought of doing a week of eating like this too - trying new things from different bloggers. i love the swapping of ideas and fun!

    have you received your package yet? hope you have a lovely day dear!

  14. I really want to try making those chickpeas! All the eats look great girlie!

  15. need to try those reeses oats ASAP. boy do those oats sound like a party in a bowl!! chickpeas look great too

  16. you've inspired me to try these pumpkin spiced chickpeas!!

  17. Reese's oats! Emily, you are a genius.