Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Fall Things

Well, even though it snowed yesterday (grrr!) and I've been sipping my holiday themed gingerbread tea, I am still in the mood to savor the things of fall.

Some good ones I've been enjoying:

Raking leaves. I actually love seasonal chores like this. Plus it is a FANTASTIC upper body workout. I feel ripped after raking both my front and back yard. I had no idea how big they are, or how many leaves would fall! See all those piles??

Football. I have never been to a live football game in my life, but somehow I got talked into going to my first one last weekend. My hubby's college roommate is way into the University of Utah's football and they were playing Airforce, so we couldn't miss it :) It RAINED on us for about an hour, it was freezing and they went into overtime. Ugh. Evidently I am a super fan now, too, because I tolerated and sat through the WHOLE game and I didn't even complain once. What a good wife. (jk babe) Of course, I've been getting some great fall time eats in, too! Still sitting in bazillions of apples, so what's a girl to do?

Get cookin!

Inspired my Susan's homemade applesauce the other day and Lauren's instruction, I whipped up a batch of the sauce myself.


After Easiest thing ever. Apples, water, cinnamon and vanilla. Delicious. My only mistake? Not making enough! Luckily it's so simple, I can do it any time I've got an extra hour or so for the apples to simmer on the stove.

This thing:

In all my leaf raking and yard prep the other day, D and I discovered these watermelon radishes that we planted in some pots this summer. So pretty! Pink and green is one of my favorite color combos, so I was all about this. They tasted just like regular radishes, except perhaps not as spicy. Great with hummus!

More apples. This time in the form of some struessal-topped Dutch Apple bread from Eating Well.
This recipe was suggested by a couple of you readers during my apple giveaway. Thanks guys! I seriously loved those suggestions--so creative! I'm still going back and checking them for more ways to use up my apples.
The streussal was the best part of this bread. It turned out kind of dry which was disappointing, but is definitely better second or third day.

Also, I don't know if you guys can see, but the weirdest thing is happening to my apples when I put them into baked goods with the peel on! There is some sort of strange oxidation or something occurring during the baking process because the RED peels are turning slightly purple and then bright GREEN! It kind of makes the apple chunks look like onions--weird! Anyone know what's up with that?

Oh, and a lot of you were anxious to know where I'd picked up that Gingerbread Chai mentioned in my last post, and above. I understand your excitement for sure! I almost peed my pants when I saw it :) I just got it at my local Smith's store. It's a Kroger brand chain, so hopefully you all can find it in your neck of the woods(s).

Have a great Wednesday everyone! Almost to the weekend again! xoxo


  1. Go Utes! Actually, my husband went to Univ of Utah for several degrees. Just to spite him, I've declared myself a BYU fan. :-) (I went to ASU).
    I love how you can see the mountains from your hard.

  2. snow! I'm only just starting to convince myself it's fall here. fall is great; winter, not my favorite.

    I wish I had a yard! :(

    that radish is so pretty! I love radishes. they're so underappreciated, right?

  3. Streusel!! Oh my gosh, half of that topping wouldn't have even made it onto the bread! That stuff is GOOD.

    I love fall - it makes me feel so cozy! The big sweaters, boots, fires in the fire place, cinnamon, all the yummy foods :)

  4. So glad the Applesauce method worked. It is super easy and so delicious! :)

    You will never go back to the jar now.

    Glad you are finding wonderful ways to use up your apples. How about Apple Butter? I hear it's pretty easy to make.

    Have a great night hun!

  5. Yay applesauce!!! I walked past an applesauce display at the grocery store today and actually scoffed at it. Pfft. Amateurs. :P

    That's weird the peels are turning green! Did you ever end up finding out what kind of apples they are?

  6. I'm excited that you found the tea at smiths.. that's our local grocery store!

    That bread sounds so delicious! Thanks for the recipe :D

  7. I am so impressed with your cooking/baking skills--seriously--especially the applesauce. I know you say it's super easy, but the extent of me making anything with apples is slicing them up and dipping them in almond butter.

  8. The apple sauce looks delicious and those radishes are SO pretty! Love that.

    Sorry about the snow. I would not be feeling that at all.

  9. all your fall things make me happy :)

  10. love all the fall goodness...especially the apple bread! My apples turn funky colours in baked stuff too- no idea why, but they don't *taste* like onions so it's all good!

  11. That radish is gorgeous! Who knew they could be so lovely!? And that bread looks amazing...drool.

  12. Hi you! Just wanted to drop by and say hi...I am FINALLY back to blogging! That radish is incredible...actually all your food looks divine!

  13. Try This: blend up a can of chick pea beans and pureed with 2 tablespoons of miso, and two tablespoons of walnuts (toasted) and flaxseeds...
    Spread this on toast with boiled eggs and a tomato. Good for 2 sandwiches!