Friday, October 23, 2009

Freaky Food Friday Round Nine aka Green Tea and Me

Ahem (clears throat). An ode to green tea:

Green tea and me, we go back like old friends
my consumption of this, it just never ends
two cups in the morning, and at least one before night,
If you took it away, I'd sure put up a fight

I think that green tea is the best beverage by far
if it was miles away, I'd get in my car
I'd drive long and wide
to have this by my side
and I wouldn't stop until I had arrived

Green tea cold or hot
I like it a lot

I do. 3 cups a day minimum. It is my addiction, and my reason for getting my sweetener smack on. I love anything green tea flavored. I remember when we were in Hawaii, D and I happened upon a gourmet sweet shop that sold green tea cream puffs. Those were to DIE for.

Anyway, you can imagine my pleasure when I was contacted by POM, makers of the uber-tasty pomegranate juices, to sample some of their flavored GREEN tea. Of course!!!

Ode continued:

Those peeps down at POM
they sure are the bomb
I loved their mixed tea
it was perfect for me!
the first flavor up
I poured right in my cup
POM Lychee Green Tea??
I shouted, "Yippee!"

the pomegranate flavor
was easy to savor
It was naturally sweet,
the hint of fruit was a treat
It was made from green tea,
as refreshing as can be!

Thanks to Blue, and the rest of the POM team for hooking it up. Loves it!

And now on to more green tea adventures, and this week's Freaky Food Friday! I have been hunting high and low for some super-slippery kelp noodles that I saw on cool-girl (of course she's cool--we have the same name!) Emily's blog, but I don't think Utah is the best at stocking sea-vegetable related items, so I haven't found them yet.

Instead, my sis helped me out with yet another tea-licious find:
Green tea noodles! Holla! Who even knew they made such a thing? Well she did, and she knew I'd love them, so she picked some up for me. In return, I fixed us both some dinner.

Green Tea Noodles with Ginger Peanut Sauce

More poetry:

There were no instructions in English,

I just had to guess,
but lucky for me, they didn't wind up a mess!
With noodles of course,
you must bring them to boil
and while doing that,
you can heat up some oil

My thanks to Janetha
for that little treat
nothing rhymes with your name
but I sure think you're neat!

I chopped up some mushrooms, and onions of course
and added some slaw without any remorsesome more random veggies I found in the freeze
garlic and PB2, a little more please!

A dollop of ginger that came in preserve
and then extra water I had on reserve
the mixture was creamy, I'll say that hands downMy sis and I ate it with nary a frown

For my own little meal, I ate all alone
With a side of Real Simple, no one else was at home
And as for my sister, she gave her review
it's sweet, she said, and the spices on cue
nice balance of flavors and hint of the nuts
she'd eat it again, no if's and's or buts!

It may look a kind of scary
and a little like slime
but it sure tasted yummy
and didn't take too much time

the tea flavor was slight
but added a bit
to the collection of tastes
that made this a hit!

this poem is over,
I'm sure that you're glad
I know that my rhyming
gets kind of bad

But I hope that you liked it
and laughed maybe a smidge
Hurray for the weekend
and good food in the fridge

Three cheers for my readers
you all are so sweet
I'm so glad that we're friends
and we all like to eat!



  1. haha, love it! I don't like green tea or ginger, but such pretty noodles...and awesome poem!

  2. hahaha awesome poem! and you are right about my name. thanks for the entertainment. i am so behind on blog reading but i had to come check out frrreaky friday! xo

  3. I love this! now I'm going to have to look for green tea noodles. we may have to do a noodle swap!

    yep, Emily's are cool, it's a rule ...I'm feeling poetic after reading this post :)

  4. Three cheers for this inventive dish! How creative and fantastic. Green tea is a fabulous creation to this earth and I am so glad to see that you are using it in so many unquie ways. :)

    Have a great weekend!

  5. I have the same addiction to tea :) 3 cups atleast!!
    wow that dinner looks fabulous!! yumm.

  6. Those noodles sound great! I love green tea!

  7. LOVE this! Those noodles sound yummy! I like Green Tea flavored things, but don't really like green tea if that makes sense. Your poetry rocks girl :)

  8. Yum! Love the Asian themed dinner.

  9. Awww, I loved this!!! I am glad you like green tea so much. I don't, so it's your reponsibility to like enough for the both of us!! :P

  10. Green tea noodles! And the rhyming is just precious. What a lot of fun. --Teaternity