Saturday, October 31, 2009

Sammie Saturday: Sweet, Spicy and Scary

You all saw yesterday in my fabulous package from Allison, those famous flattened bananas. I always think they look so interesting on her blog--all rolled up in a peanut butter blanket. Yum! I have been so excited to try them. Of course I chomped on one free form and they were delish----but I was struck with a brilliant idea to use them in a sandwich. Now, I think this sammie could almost have qualified for FFF yesterday. But since today is Sammie Saturday, and also Halloween, where all freaky things are appropriate, I wanted to save it for today.

In my scary sammie:
Fluffy whole wheat bread, chunky peanut butter, sweet and spicy ginger preserves and, the star of the circus: flattened banana.Sadly, this was not as amazing as I'd hoped, but still quite an interesting blend of flavors! The ginger gave the sammie quite a spicy little kick, but the banana was almost invisible against the stronger flavor. Too bad, but it wasn't awful--you can't mess up peanut butter all the way!

Not to be deterred, I tried another little concoction with the same sweet, spicy and savory combination in mind:
Sandwich thin with PB2 and chili mango!
Hee hee. Kind of looks like a hamburger!

This was actually the better of the two, and I would totally try this again using regular pb instead of the fake stuff. I liked this creation because neither flavor really overpowered the other, and they melded quite nicely. I imagine this is what my coveted spicy peanut butter tastes like, but for now I can only guess :)

It has occurred to me that I eat a lot of sandwiches because I always have multiple items to post on Saturday. It's kind of nice to have a lot of material to choose from!

Today, though, I also wanted to share a different type of creation with you. My sister reads my blog and is a big proponent of food adventures and experimentation with me. She tries raw food with me, brings me stuff for FFF and generally encourages me not to be a stick in the mud with Ed. She is the bomb.

She was also quite intrigued by my pumpkin CCC I posted a few weeks ago, thanks in part to Miss April, who originated the breakfast pie idea. Well, Sis gave it a try, and I think it's safe to say she loves it just as much as I do, because she put her own spin on it and made a desert trifle as a variation! She even took it to a couple pot lucks this past week, so watch out world--the CCC is catching on!

I promised her I'd share the recipe--there's even a family secret in there :) Here's her email to me after her experimentations:

Just in case you wanted an "official" recipe for those parfaits.

1 24 oz (I think) container of cottage cheese

1 15 oz can of pumpkin
3/4 cup brown sugar
cinnamon, nutmeg and cloves to taste ('cause I like cloves)

Blend together (I did the CC first, then added everything else and it turned out much better than when I threw everything in together on Sunday).

I layered that with
Grandma Brown's Cream Puff Fudge Sauce:
1/4 cup butter

1 1/2 squares of bakers chocolate plus 1/4 cup cocoa

3/4 cup sugar
1/2 cup of cream
1 teaspoon of vanilla

Melt butter and chocolate
Mix sugar, cocoa, add to mixture. Stir until smooth. Add cream slowly, stir, bring to boil slowly, and then add vanilla. Remove from stove and let cool. (I made a double batch, and had some left over. Its a hardship.)

Layer pumpkin concoction and fudge sauce in pretty glass, garnish with cute graham crackers and serve. I got 8 servings out of this, but they were pretty generous (like, I was the only person to finish mine ) if you can find smaller cups you could probably 12 servings.
That's all! Have a good night.
Love you,

Isn't she sweet? And you guys all better feel cool and loved, because our Grandma Brown's Cream Puffs are the stuff of legend in my family, and the sauce is definitely the best part! (P.S. I do think you ARE cool and I DO love you).

She sent me a pic to go along with her creation--even though it's just from her camera phone and a little blurry, I can still see the deliciousness!
Anyway, glad she tried it out and dubbed it good enough for company!

You guys cracked me up yesterday with what you'd be if you were what you ate. Yog messes, gooey globs and perfect peanuts...I think we would all be yummy, that's for sure!

Part of this post published earlier today due to a silly error, so sorry about that! I hope you all have a wonderful and fun Halloween! Are you going to have little trick or treaters? If so, what are you giving out?

I'm so excited to see all the little ghosts and goblins (and princesses and superheros) this year in our new house! I decided to give out cans of kid-friendly pop like rootbeer, orange soda and Sprite. I always thought that stuff was so cool when I was little. Hopefully it's still cool and I'm not dreadfully out of touch! I mean, they already get enough candy--they need something equally cavity-causing to wash it down, right? Plus, that way, I don't have any leftover bags of candy staring me down all week. It's a win/win. xoxo


  1. I am dying to try those flattened bananas! I bet they are so versatile with how you can use them.
    Thanks for sharing the recipe, I am going to bookmark the Cream Puff Fudge Sauce!

  2. I have to try that PB plus flatten banana ever since I saw it. Great idea to incorporate it in a sandwich form. I want to make a PB & J sandwich with these little gems in them.

    Happy Halloween. Hope

  3. Umm holy cow you've got me drooling!! First of all I love the pumpkin cottage cheese combo.. but layered in a parfait with Grandma's sauce??? That sounds like heaven!!

  4. I have yet to try PB with anything savory. For some reason I just can't think of my PB in a savory way, but the burger does look good :D

  5. Emily, your sandwiches make me happy...they give me new ideas!

  6. My mom used to hand out sesame seed and dried fruit bars from our local health food store. I always told her she was going to get our house egged :P

    That parfait looks so halloween-y too with the colours!

  7. Oooh I love the idea of peanut butter and ginger sandwiches. It's like thai peanut sauce, really. Brilliant!

  8. Are those bananas crunchy or chewy?

    Love the parfait idea!

  9. i saw those at TJ's! what a great idea to make use them in a sammie!!

    ginger preserves!?! where did you find that!

  10. I LOVE the target brandd yogurts! They are so good and there are so many flavors! :D