Friday, October 30, 2009

You are what you eat..and FFF #11

With all Low's talk about tomato overdoses on her post the other day, it really got me thinking about the old adage "you are what you eat..."

If that's true, than I must be....


CCC with baked apples, raisins, typical cereal trio and maple almond butter. Mmmm.

warm and comforting
Cheater Beef Stew:
  • make a pot roast with potatoes and carrots (and onions, obv) in a slow cooker for Sunday dinner--add two cups of extra water to your roast as it cooks to make broth
  • reserve leftover potatoes, carrots and onions in broth, chop leftover beef and return to broth
  • add 1 package frozen green beans or other veggies plus additional 1 c. water, Worcestershire sauce, oregano, s&p to taste
  • bring to a low simmer, remove from heat and refrigerate--I find it easiest to do all of this right in my crockpot--less hassle and cleanup
  • When ready for some warm, home-cooked goodness, remove from fridge, skim any fat left on top (mine was super lean, so I didn't really have to do this), and pour into a large pot
  • Bring to a rolling boil and then add 1/4-1/3 c. flour, dissolved in 1 c. water
  • Whisk in slowly and return to boil until stew reaches desired thickness
  • Ladle into bowls and serve with thick pieces of toast slathered with pumpkin butter...perfect fall/winter/snows in October meal
sweet and exciting
I was so thrilled to spot this on the shelf at my local WF the other day. Usually, we don't get stuff like this, or it comes around really late. I mean, we STILL don't have the pineapple chobani (c'mon peeps, what are you waiting for??). Just like the container says, it was very smooth and creamy. But also very sweet and semi-sticky. I loved the spice, but the pumpkin flavor was kind of vague. I think I would much prefer my own version of pumpkin pie yogurt with greek, real pumpkin and enormous amounts of cinnamon :)

Ok, I know this just looks like a regular sandwich, but in reality, it was a food adventure, fear conquer and craving satisfier all in one. This is, in fact, the new (ish) Buffalo Chicken Sub from our love/hate chain Subway. I loveeee me some buffalo flavor, and I have been dying to try this forever.

Of course, when I really want something different from the ush, Ed likes to throw a big temper tantrum. But I threw one right back--after all, it says it's for a limited time only! I don't want to miss out! I ordered mine on toasty whole wheat with onions (duh), spinach, ridic banana peppers and sweet onion dressing (should have gotten the honey mustard--oh well, guess I'll just have to hit it for round two ;) ). It was pretty good, pretty spicy and pretty satisfying for a not-so large meal, which was the big shock. I guess that's what happens when you actually eat what you want.

full of love and friendship

This part of the post has been a long time coming. A while ago, I received a package from everyone's funny friend and way-cool bloggerista, Allison from Green Dog Wine.

I was seriously flabbergasted by how much neat-o stuff she sent me! Pictured above: goddess dressing, yummy blueberry bars, PUMPKIN BUTTER, the famous flattened bananas and mini pb cups (!!!).
Don't you think those would be perfect in a bowl of oats? I know a couple of ladies who would love the pb combo and the candy for breakfast bowl!

spicy and exotic
Allison was also rad enough to include something extra special for my Freaky Food Friday this week:

Aye aye aye! My brother in law spent some time in Mexico for a couple of years and would totally dig this stuff. He came back with an obsession for mole, and luckily, I am able to share the adoration of chili-licious sweet stuff.
These chunks of mango are perfectly juicy and absolutely coated with chili powder. I love 'em!
Definitely a little salsa dance on my tongue :)

Of course, if I was really what I ate, I might be cottage cheese and baby carrots, but I prefer to think I have at least a few of the attributes listed above. Thanks again to Allison for her lovely and incredibly generous package and all my fun new finds. Certainly an ideal way to kick off a weekend full of tricks n' treats!

How about all of you? What would YOU be if you truly were what you eat? I know you'll have great answers for this one! xoxo

Oh, P.S.! I just updated my blogroll with some new love--if I missed you, please let me know! Also, make sure to welcome back Deliciously Fit Lainie, who has some very exciting news!


  1. Love this post! I would be spinach, yogurt, bananas and pumpkin - well for the last few months as least!

  2. That Subway sub sounds so spicy and delicious! Glad you had it!!

    I have got to get those TJs PB cups! YUM! What a great package from Alison! Lately, I would be a warm, carby bowl of carob oats :)

  3. I've been wondering about that Subway sandwich.. the word spicy definitely calls my name! Glad to hear it's good.. I may need to swing by and try it!

    I think me and you would probably be the same.. cottage cheese, oats, nut butter, and yogurt!

  4. It's so disappointing that UT doesn't have a Trader Joe's.

    Love the beef stew!

  5. I would be a pita pocket, stuffed with yogurt, oatmeal, peanut butter, apples and cinnamon. Hey. That doesn't sound too bad! :P

    Oh you know the first thing I thought of when I saw those peanut butter cups :P I actually just bought a bag of mini Rolos for my candy oats!

  6. I love buffalo flavor too! Sounds delicious!!

    Thanks for the shout out girl. I'm stilly happily living in my new tomato body ;)

  7. I LOVE chili mangos! so good.

    I would be crunchy, raw, tangy and spicy. with a touch of rich bitterness (like dark chocolate) too :) man, I don't sound cute, do I?!

  8. OMG! What an AWESOME package!! I love those dried bananas, and I've been dying to try the pumpkin butter. You lucky duck! Enjoy!!

    Oh, and I'll be one big fat orange, cheesy, creamy, chewy, and carby delicious thing!

  9. Ah, love the TJ's goodness! I brought some of the pumpkin butter back with me. Good stuff :D

    If I was what I ate, would be a Greek yogurt mess. I think most people I know would agree with the 'mess' part :P

  10. oh my goodness - you are too nice! it was my pleasure!!! i am so glad it got there safely and you liked everything!!!! happy saturaday!!!! :)

  11. I loved this post. Just in the couple months I've been reading your blog, you have come so far in terms of your attitude and your willingness to try new things and move forward. Big props, as you're an inspiration!

    And I'm super jealous of that package--much more fun than the mail I get :)

    Anyway, I guess I would be green, naked and full of (live, active, Greek) culture. That sounds weird, but whatever. Maybe that's a sign..