Monday, September 14, 2009

Total-ly Sweet

Wow! This cereal is sweet! Maybe it’s just because I’ve been using less artificial sweetener,and less sugar in general due to my Sweetener Smackdown, or perhaps it’s because sugar is the 3rd ingredient listed on the box that makes it so sweet. It always kind of makes me laugh that most cereals that bill themselves as healthy are so full of sugar. I used to have a rule that I could only buy a breakfast cereal if sugar was below the top three ingredients. Obviously, I’ve relaxed that standard, or I would never eat cereal! In fact, cereal had been one of my "forbidden" foods for a long time, and now that nothing's off limits, per se, I get really giddy when I find new kinds to try!

This has a slight fruity/berry flavor, but I don’t know that I would pin it as blueberry or pomengranate, much less a combination of the two unless it said so on the box. The cereal is mostly flakes, but actually has a generous amount of clusters as well. That being siad, the flakes arent' as enticingly thick as they appear (TWSS??) on the box, nor are the clusters as big as one would hope.
I've had this plain ( with only a drop of almond milk--HATE soggy cereal), and mixed into yogurt. I found that the cereal didn't really hold it's own against the thickness of Greek yogurt, so it's really best eaten alone, or straight from the box if you can't help yourself. Not saying that happened ;)

Is it really Wednesday already?? I have SO much to do! I'm taking an early weekend so I can wrap my head around this moving business. I still have to pack! And clean. Always more cleaning.

Last night I had the fantastic idea to rent a carpet cleaner and do the shampooing myself. Um, don't do this. It was a lot of work and I only finished one room. Just a note if you decide to have a bright idea like this: Allow at least 45 minutes to figure out how the dang thing works because they willnot give you an instruction manual. You'll have to make do with the teeny directions printed on the HANDLE. Make sure all you connections are completely secure. Otherwise you will go over the same spot of carpet three times, get halfway done and realize there is no water coming out of your machine. Know that you will have to change the water in your reserve about every 5 minutes. That bee-yotch lays down a lot of liquid. Duh. Do not attempt to clean your carpets after you have worked all day, gotten less than 5 hours of sleep and have already spent the majority of your night trying to figure out simple usage patterns for pete's sake.

I HAAATEEE moving. I have only moved a handful of times in my life, and only out of absolute necessity (college, marriage--can't live with your sister after youtie the knot, you know). I hate that not only one, but two places of my residence are in a shambles. I hate keeping one cramped apartment and one huge house clean--it's impossible. I hate being disorgainzed. I will be so excited when we can finally just be HOME. And excited when we finally, actually, do get it together enough to move.

Top 5 reasons I can't wait to get out of our apartment:
1) I will have a working dishwasher. Mine has been busted at the apartment for almost a month now, but I haven't placed a work order because, hey--I'm leaving!
2) Whenever I take a shower, I also take a bath--my drain doesn't actually drain despite massive quantities of drain-o, vinegar and baking soda, and thorough hair removal (sick).
3) My toilet runs and runs and runs and runs......(what are you running from??)
4) There is a huge spotlight outside my window that not even blackout shades can stifle. This girl needs some pitch black to get her shut eye!
5) My husband's mountain bike is in our pantry. It's got to go. Every time I need some rice or stewed tomatoes or whatnot, it falls on me (f word).

There are lots more, but mostly I'm super pumped to get into our house and make it our home. We will live there forever, because I love it. And because I'm not moving again.

Sorry that sounds kind of negative. I honestly have no room to complain. We have been blessed with a beautiful home, and I am really grateful. It will all be worth it when we are finally there!

Hope you have a great Wednesday! Any funny moving stories? How many times have you packed it up for a new place? Please share!


  1. Soggy cereal is the worst! I love that you only add a drop of milk :)

    I've never moved but packing in general stresses me out. We recarpeted our house and basically had to move in and out of our own house - horrid, experience! I hated every single second of it! GOOD LUCK!!

  2. we like our cereal the same way. a touch of almond milk! ohhh.. i have the #2 problemo at my casa. it suuuucks! rough time with the carpet cleaner, but i did giggle. i love cereal and i am sure i would love that one. but i agree, why do companies boast "healthy" cereal and then are loaded with sugar? lameo. good luck with the moooooooooooooove!!!!!!!!! xoxoxoxo

  3. I have read lots of blog posts now about how people like their cereal and I think I'm the only person in the world who likes it soggy. I hate having a lot of milk, but I like to let teh cereal sit in the milk and soak it all up so that the cereal is mushy. What can I say? I'm odd.

    It's great that you now give yourself permission to eat cereal now. I am still "afraid" of it because it always makes me binge. I hope I can get where you are soon. :)

  4. Oh, I SO feel you! I just moved at the beginning of the month at it was a nightmare. I had to move my belongings to two different locations in two days and spent one night homeless! Moving is never, ever fun, and I think I may do everything in my power to never do it again :P

    Don't worry, you'll be in your new place soon and have this all behind you! :)

  5. I have only moved 3 times and hated it every time. Good luck :)

  6. ohhhh i will have to check out that cereal - i hate when sugar is far up on the list, but sometimes a treat here and there is worth it.

    moving = the worst. totally agree!