Friday, September 11, 2009

Freaky Food Friday Round Four aka Spicy Sundae

I haven't blogged for a day, but man, it feels like a week! Missed you blog! But, I made a brief appearance over at Janetha's yesterday, so maybe that counts a little? Luckily I can come back with a bang. Prepare yourself for this one. If you are a bit squeamish or a more traditional ice cream-ish, read no further!

Inspired by my
first attempt at spicy oats, which went slightly awry when I added a sweetened cereal to the mix, I have been mulling over the spicy-sweet combo for a while. Don't hate. Behold, the Spicy Sundae! A lovely scoop of Dreyer's Vanilla Frozen Yogurt Blends, topped with a river of Frank's and a sprinkling of salted peanuts. I was very dubious at first bite, but once I got all the peanuts out of the way and got down to my man Frank, it was all good. I swear. Not kidding. I loved the contrast between the sweet and the spice. The peppers almost seemed to make the ice cream sweeter, and it tasted almost like a spicy creamsicle.

Would I eat this again? You betcha! While not on a regular basis, this seems like the kind of thing you just get smacked over craving one day. I triple dog, double spice dare you to try this. Any takers?
Happy Friday everyone! xoxo


  1. This looks so interesting! At first thought, I wasn't sure...but after reading and thinking...I could see myself liking it (I like pretty much everything, after all).

    Enjoy your weekend!!!

  2. hahahaha woah! freaky indeed. so ice cream and hot sauce are for sure 2 of my faves.. so i am guessing i will HAVE to try this! but first on the list, my HUMMUS! what should i put it on? a spoon?! ;)

  3. Hey this seems like something they would eat in mexico. They are always mixing spicy things into their sweets, well actually they mix it into everything.

  4. Um. What!?!?!?!?!?! Spicy sundae?!?!! you are a brilliant woman :) (although I must admit - I am doubtful) - I like my stuff SPICY SPICY - I'm not always a fan of the SPICY sweet ;)

  5. Holy moly you are an experimentarian!!

  6. Savory oats kind of intimidate me. I've always thought of my oats being sweet and subtle but I do beleive that this contrast has to be great. I will try it someday, I will. Once I overdo the banana oats, I'm sure I will move on to something more advanced.

    Hope you have a great weekend girly!

  7. LOL! I am down with spicy oats and all things savory. And I would even try a bite of your savory ice cream. BUT. I am guessing I'd prefer a sweet treat here. Cool for you for giving it a whirl!