Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Slicing, dicing, stirring and spicing

Tonight I got home early (miracle of miracles) and decided to do one of my favorite things: culinary experimentation. to me there is nothing more relaxing than slicing, dicing, stirring and spicing in the kitchen. I feel like it just helps to really bring me "home" after work or working out or whatever it is I've been doing. It's been a while since I've been able to really whip up anything new since all my stuff has been half packed/unpacked. In fact, I think the last time I tried a new recipe was here, which was almost two weeks ago! Quite a long time for a little experimentarian like myself!

Anyway, two dishes I've been dying to try: Tina's Roasted Broccoli. And Chicken Posole from the October issue of Real Simple.

First up, the veg. This was SO Easy! I kept looking at the recipe wondering if I was doing it wrong or had left something out, but nope! Easy peasy brocoli-eezy.

I spritzed my florets with cooking spray and only used a teaspoon and a half of sugar. But I was so proud of myself--I actually used REAL sugar! Who am I?


Very delicious, and much sweeter than I would have thought for using so little sugar. This was a success, and here's how I know. My husband ate it! I said," You know, I think my mom would like broccoli like this." And my cutie-pants replied, " Babe, everyone would like broccoli like this!" Oooookay, so there you have it. Total vegetable victory! I think it would also be good sprinkled with a little garlic powder. Yum.

Next. I don't know why I thought it would be a good combo to have the two of these items together, but luckily it just worked.

I started with my BFF onions. When a recipe calls for an entire onion to start, you know it's gonna be a good one.
I firmly believe that if everyone loved onions and garlic as much as I do, the world would be a better place. Added tomatoes, like the recipe calls for.

Am I following the recipe for once, you ask? Of course not. What kind of question is that? I had to add a little secret weapon! My FINAL adobo chili! Or, chilis, I should say. I thought I only had one left, but I actually had three halves. I had already convinced myself that I was going to finish them off, so I did.

It was SPIIIIICCCYYY!!! I could probably breathe fire on you right now, but maybe that's from the onions and garlic, too :)

One thing I love about Real Simple, is that the recipes are, indeed, really simple. There are never too many ingredients or advanced instructions. They just feature food that tastes good without a lot of embellishment or getting all fancy. Another thing I love is that their recipes are always very hearty in regards to portion sizes. They don't like to skimp, and neither do I. The recipe makes 4 large servings. D and I each had a bowl, he went back for seconds, and we still have enough for another dinner for both of us.

While this was wonderful with the broccoli, and I would for sure still suggest it as an accompaniment, I also think this posole would be much improved with some cornbread on the side(note to self).

Well, even though my mouth is still burning, I'm feeling much more relaxed after my cooking extravaganza. What do you guys like to do to unwind after a long day? Besides cooking, I also love to read, watch Netflix with the hubby, go for walks and check out everyone's bloggies--don't forget to check out Jenna's new one, by the way! Hope your Tuesday treated youwell and you will be nice and relaxed or Wednesday :) xoxo


  1. mm i saw that recipe in real simple. looked so good! i should try that broccoli as well. well i am still at work and should not be so i will keep this short, just wanted to holler atcha when i saw the new post! <3

  2. Excluding exercise...How I unwind depends on the season, actually. In the summer, it's parking it in a chair in the sun by my garden with a magazine (Real Simple, perhaps?). When it's cold, it's a cup of tea, probably my computer and a ball/hockey game.

    In the fall/winter, I also find baking to be a HUGE stress reliever and so calming. Plus, it smells yummy :)

  3. Both of those look really good! I've been meaning to try Tina's broccoli. After a long day I like to play with my dogs, cook up something new or read.

  4. I love to cook. I tend to unwind by baking. When I get home early, I use the time to take Snuffy and the puppies for a leisurely walk at Snuffy pace.

  5. I love cooking after a day at work! Cooking with someone else is a really fun way to unwind, especially if a glass of wine is involved in the process :)
    I am also a big fan of hot baths and watching a good film...happy days!
    Oh! and so funny and a bit weird that you were led to believe British people hate cinnamon! That's so odd! I think it must have been the ones you met because I don't know anyone who hates it and I love it!