Monday, September 7, 2009

Sweetener Smackdown Part 2

I got a little crazy ants in my pants this morning and decided to run from my apartment to our new house. Um, it was far. Not so much that it was far (5.75), but it was all UPHILL. I don't mean like rolling hills, either. This shiz was hard core. Dang. I almost had to stop and walk a couple times, but I persevered and surprised my husband at the house where he was already hard at work. And then I made him give me a ride home. :)

When I got home it was time for a little snackie, and also---another addition of Sweetener Smackdown! Last week, I experimented with agave, and this week my new find is this: It's crystalized honey! Such a wierd little product, I HAD to try it! Ok. I have the same problem with this sweetener as I did with the last. Ugh! You are dead to me tastebuds, dead! A serving size is two teaspoons, only equaling 16 calories, which is twice the size and half the calories of regular sugar or honey. Of course, I'd like to minimize the amount of sugar in my diet whatever the form, so I hated to use the suggested amount in my tea, but I gave it a shot anyway.

Nothing. Maybe a little sweet, but not exactly NatraTaste territory. The crystals don't dissolve all that quickly, even in boiling hot water, so despite my best stirrings, I often end up with nasty honey gloop at the bottom of my cup instead of an evenly sweetened beverage. It tastes like honey (obviously), but I think honey is a very distinct sweetener, and I'm not always super in the mood for it.
One thing this does work rather well for though, is a coaxing some sweeteness out of my beloved cottage cheese and cin. It mixes in pretty well and doesn't taste like poo, or like aspartame, so that might be a good solution for this dietary aspect of mine in the future.

Oh yeah, when that sweet hubby of mine drove me home, we made a little pit stop at Einstien Bagels--check out my hot new mug!!! (It was actually cold, cuz it had water in it, but whatevs)
Also, in case you missed it on Friday, don't forget to check out my interview over at the Runner's Lounge. Have a great day off everyone, and try to relax and take it easy (unlike me and my cockamamie power runs up the ever-living hills). xoxo

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  1. What an interesting little bear! :) It sounds kind of intriging..