Sunday, September 20, 2009

Home Sweet Home

No eats on this one, just checking in. I'm sitting on the floor of my apartment right now--all our stuff is gone except for the few miscellaneous items I've come to collect. It's kind of sad. It doesn't really feel like home anymore. But luckily this does:
We have the sweetest little bench in our entry way. Love! I plan to take all my kids' pics here on the first day of school every year. They will hate it, I'm sure. :)

I don't have internet at my house until this Friday (!!!) but I will be putting some posts up randomly and doing my best to keep up with everyone's sites as per usual. In the meantime, check out my guest post over at Meals and Moves. It seems like everyone loved the idea of the spicy/sweet peach preserves. I'd love to do an exchange for anyone who is interested. Just let me know! Love ya. xoxo


  1. oh you guys are adorable and your house looks ultra cute! haha i love the little gnome dude. welcome to your hoooome! i missed you while i was gone, thanks for the guest post! xo

  2. So beautiful! You, your hubby and the house. Best wishes to you guys as you partake in this exciting and enriching time.

    Take care! :)

  3. Hey! I found your blog by reading your guest post on Janetha's blog, and it's awesome! I look forward to reading more about all of your awesome food ideas!

  4. You guys are so cute!! I love the new house! Haha, my parents used to make me do the first day of school thing. For a period from about 7th grade until 10th grade my sassy attiude practially leaks off the photograph :)

  5. congrats on the new house! that is such a big, exciting change! ENJOY!