Wednesday, September 30, 2009

2nd Grade

I don't ever post a series of eats, but today I just had to share my meals. Evidently, I'm still in the 2nd grade.

Here's what I had for lunch:

Peanut butter and banana sammie

Carrots and celery sticks

Fruit and yogurt

And for snackies...
crackers and string cheese for pete's sake

Dang I pack a lot of food!

For dinner, we had a classic! Now, understand, that growing up in my house, we DID NOT eat casseroles. Neither of my parents like them and they both like to blame it on the other one. Actually, I think my mom just doesn't like to make them, it's my dad who actually doesn't like to eat them. We never ate a lot of packaged foods, so I'd never eaten mac n cheese out of a box until I went to college. I'd also never eaten ramen noodles, pop tarts, lunchables or Taco Bell, either, and I probably haven't eaten those items since :) So, needless to say, stuff like this wasn't really on the menu.

Presenting ghetto tuna casserole. Made with


I added some peeeeas, and a can of tuna,too. I had to laugh when I dumped out the powdered cheese packet.

Can you guys see how BRIGHT orange this is? Ha Ha! Definitely not a natural color. Oh well. Obviously, I did not make this according to the package directions (what? directions?). I just added a little bit of skim milk and a spinkl-y of Parmesan cheese before mixing it all together.

Topped off with some diced tomato and red pepper flakes. You can see the broccoli poking through--I ate this on top of my leftover roasted broccoli from the other night. Yum.

And to finish off my decidedly elementary evening, I made a delicious artificial and chemically laden bowl of rockstar pudding. Yes rockstar. That's what it's called when you add the world's best toppings: sliced banana and sprinkles. You can never have too many sprinkles. :)

For all my childish eating, I don't feel too bad about today. I managed to make everything pretty healthy, even if it was a little more processed than usual. How about you guys? Any grade-school favorites that you still like to indulge in, or any you make healthier now? I talked about my fluffernutters a while ago, and now this. I think I have childhood on the brain! Excuse me, I need to go find some more sprinkles....


  1. I love mac and cheese! It always reminds me of growing up! It was one of the few things my brother and I both liked so we had it pretty often.

  2. I have a deep love of Kraft mac'n'cheese! It is the ultimate comfort food and its genius to add veggies to it!

  3. Cute post! Mallard loves boxed mac and cheese. Thankfully, I convinced him to try Annie's brand and he loves it as much as Snuffy and I do. But, hey who says you can't eat like a typical American 4 year old once in a while? The rockstar pudding does look pretty darn good!

  4. I love all your "kid food"! PB and banana sandwich and mac and cheese creation?! I would eat that any day! :)

  5. pb+b sammies are seriously one of my fave things EVER! i love kid eats - ain't no shame girl!

  6. haha, my parents weren't big on packaged food either. Except - mini pizzas. Neither of my parents ate them, but for some reason they were always in our freezer. Man, I don't think I've had one of those since high school!

  7. Hi! I'm Lauren from Texas. I got your share gift the other day :) Thank you so much! Love your blog by the way

  8. Emily you are so's fun to have days like this! I am always saying, "Ohh to be a kid again." Over the weekend I ran through the sprinklers. Granted, there was a reason behind it, but man was it fun. :)