Thursday, August 20, 2009


Guess what these are:

Nope, NOT lemons, as the title would suggest, or even melons (which is sort of what they look like)...they are actually lemon cucumbers!

I forgot my camera AGAIN (aargh!) during my Tuesday trip to the farmer's market, but I guess that ok since it was just a very small sampling of what is normally available on Saturdays, so no pics. But you can check out my Saturday buys here.

I actually didn't do too much damage this time around, only snagging some raspberries, more corn and two of these lovely lemon cukes. Given my love for all things lemon and SOUR, I was super intrigued by the name. The guy actually laughed at me when I asked him if they tasted like lemons, which I didn't think was very nice, but he assured me that they tasted like just like a sweeter variety than your average old cucumber. He was right, and the taste is nothing too out of the ordinary, and definitely not lemon-like, but they are very light and crisp and a wonderful addition to my lunch snackies for today.

I loooooove you, Farmer's Market! You are the perfect haunt for my produce-lovin', veggie-curious, experimental self.

Around the blog world, parfait-making K is hosting a cookbook giveaway, and in just another example of how amazing the blogging community is, check out this very Special K exchange--great idea!


  1. Thank you so much for the link back :)

    I've never heard of lemon cucumbers!

  2. A lemon cucumber sounds so fun!

  3. I got some of these this weekend and LOVED it with hummus Dr. Krackers and salted tomatoes and mozzarella! I thought of you when I bought them!