Friday, August 28, 2009

Freaky Food Friday Round Two

Do you love my post title? I'm so original. But I've been smashing tile with a hammer all day, then prying it out of the floor with a crowbar....and it's now 4:00 and I've just barely finished eating lunch so I'm a little discombobulated.

It's a good thing
Tina posted a reminder about Cookie Friday this morning, or I would have totally forgotten about my own foodie feature: Freaky Food Friday! Well, luckily I didn't forget about it earlier in the week, and already had something ridiculous up my sleeve. My lovely and gracious sister was kind enough to contribute to today's installment with these:

Greenday Durian Chips

Um, I've heard that the actual durian fruit smells AWFUL, so I was relieved to smell nothing but goodness when I opened the bag. Definitely sweet, and almost musky smelling. So surprised--these were freaking fantastic!

They had a flaky texture almost almost like those dehydrated fruit toddler snacks--like a cross between that and a potato chip.
The flavor was super vanilla-caramelly and pretty reminiscent of a dried banana.

The packaging on this cracked me up, as the chips are labeled "The snack of the century"...ooookay, ego. I could tell it was a foreign product because there were some grammatical errors, but hey, when you're the snack of the century, I guess that's simply a minor misgiving.

Here's what else Greenday had to say about the product:
Premium brand of vacuum fried fruit and vegetable chips made from the finest raw materials via highly advanced technology, without any additives, preservatives or food coloring. Our products are crunchy, low in fat and contain high fiber content which is widely approved to be the perfect snack for all ages.

The package also refers to durian as "the King of Thai Fruits." Awesome.
My little bag contained 2 servings, and I only ate a few of the chips even though I easily could have polished off the whole dang thing, but I was a little leery of the nutritional information. Per each serving there are 150 calories, 5 g fat and only 2 g fiber (wait, I thought this was supposed to be the widely approved high fiber snack??). The only ingredients listed were durian and palm oil. So despite, the sketchy stats, I guess I ate the perfect royal snack today and happily give these my Freaky Food seal of approval. Don't be scerrred y'all--try them!

In other news, speaking of freaky food, I would love to get my hands on some of
this wild dessert hummus. Especially the Chocolate Mousse and PB flavors. Sounds good to me! And Jenna over at Whole Body Love has a great food for thought post on running. If you haven't already read my thoughts on running, click here.

I also wanted to mention how excited I am to see some new readers on the blog. Thanks everyone, so much, for all your awesome comments and great feedback! I can't wait to get to know each of you and your blogs better. It's beyond cool to be able to share my love of foodie experimentation and healthy eating journey with gals who get it!

P.S. In addition to those wacky-ass chippies, my sister also brought me these, which I can never find in my neck of the woods. She has to go trekking all the heck over the place to some random specialty ethnic food store that may or may not have them in stock .
Purple sweet potatoes. They may not look like much now, but I guarantee they will be much-o tasty in my tummy later on. YAY! Thanks sis! She loves me. And I love YOU! Hope you all are having a great Friday and looking forward to a glorious weekend. xoxo


  1. Fresh durian is really stinky. Some people compare it to cat poop while others compare it to a rotting corpse. My dad HATES that smell, but my grandma love to eat it.

    Purple sweet potatoes are really yummy. I get it when they are in season because they are really pricey. They are drier than regular sweet potatoes and sometime even sweeter. I love them.

  2. What are the stipulations of labeling a food as high fiber? I agree with you, two grams per serving is hardly high fiber.

  3. dude, that is the best part about weekly features! no need for a title to think up! haha. ive never even HEARD of durian let alone tried it. and my firefox does not think it is a real word. haha. those look interesting! where did you sis snag them. and POYPLE POTATOES?! jealous! xoxo

  4. Those chips are VERY interesting! "Wacky-ass chippies" - Haha!

    I'd kill to try that dessert hummus as well - it sounds incredible! Have fun with those purple sweet potatoes! Funky colored food is so much fun :)

  5. I saw a Travel channel special on durians and how they are supposed to be so super freaky weird and ABSOLUTELY terrible smelling (like you said!)

    Glad to hear the chips didn't stink :)

    PURPLE SWEET POTATOES?? fancy - i love it!

  6. how interesting! i have always wanted to try durian but have been very very afraid of the smell.

  7. I had a friend describe that fruit as tasting like marinated raw chicken...that doesn't sound like it would make a great chip! But! purple potatoes are awesome with BBQ sauce! So yum-o!

  8. Those chips look quite interesting...not sure if I would like them or not???

    I'm dying to try purple sweet potatoes!!! I can't find them here though :(