Thursday, August 13, 2009

Lara Bar Jocolat Hazlenut Flavor

These are amazing and you should absolutely try this flavor if you have not already. I love Lara bars, and they are one of my favorite bar options both because of their yummy flavors and super-duper good (and soy-free) stats.

I have been DYING to try the new PB and J flavor, but until I can get it, I consoled myself with the Jocolat Hazelnut. This was the perfect after-lunch treat, and tasted much more indulgent than it actually was. I must say that this is BY FAR the best of the Jocolat bars that I have tried. Most of them don't taste all that chocolatey and I feel like the other ingredients in the mix tend to overpower any subtle hint of cocoa that's in there. This one didn't taste exactly like I'd anticipated either, but not neccisarly in a bad way! I was expecting it to taste sort of like Nutella, but the hazelnut flavor was surprisingly indistinct. Instead it tasted like the gooiest, healthiest brownie ever, and VERY much like chocolate.

Each bar contains 190 cals, 10 g fat, 5 g fiber and 4 g protein. Like all Lara Bars, this little yum-fest keeps the ingredients to a minimum and the processing to zero. Ingredients (all organic): dates, hazelnuts, almonds, cocoa powder.


  1. i havent tried that flavor but i love the sound of it by what you said! i hopw we can find the pbj around here soon!

  2. Lara bars + chocolate + hazelnut = perfect!!

  3. Larabars are pretty much the only bars I buy, but I've never had the Jocolot for some reason. However, you may have convinced me. (And still no PB & J here, either, so BOO.)

  4. I agree those taste like brownies!! Mmmm!