Friday, December 18, 2009

I Like it Spicy Part 2

Wow, what a champ! Two blog posts in this week and at least one more coming up tomorrow. My hats off to you ladies who post daily-- I could never manage to squeeze it all in! And speaking of squeezing, I have a lot to pack into this post, so let's get to it!

You may recall from my previous post, my love for all things spicy, and my affinity for gingerbread. I've melded the two nicely together in this delightful dandy of a breakfast bowl:

Cottage cheese, copious amounts of cinnamon, slightly more judicious amounts of ginger, cloves and nutmeg (to taste), cereal trio,the requisite Fiber One and the mightiest of maple peanut butters, all drizzled with molasses.

Puts me in the holiday mood just thinking about it :)

I've also been in particularly cheery mood since receiving my goodie box loaded with fun things to try. My latest experiment involved the salt-free Chili Lime Seasoning blend by Mrs. Dash.
I love all the spices used in this blend including chili peppers, cumin and cayenne, plus the sour lime. But I also really liked the fact that this didn't contain any added salt. D likes to pour half a slat shaker on his food at meals--more out of habit than anything I think--so it's always nice to know I'm not contributing to any premature hypertension :) I have been obsessed with salmon lately, and this seemed like the perfect thing to pep it up. easiest thing ever (seen here with Tina's roasted broccoli and rosemary acorn squash). I just squirted a little lime juice on my salmon fillets, then sprinkled on the seasoning blend before popping them in the oven. They came out perfectly spicy and delicious, and I don't even think Dustin swiped the salt to douse his plate. But he probably just did it when I wasn't looking ;)

And now for the freaky part! I know you all missed this last week when I flaked out ( or maybe not), so I tried to come up with a real doozy for this installment. Guess what this is?

No, not worms, slugs or seaweed...
Pickled cactus! Awesome! Way back in the summer, I joked about munching on some pokey plants, and I finally found some that are safe to eat!

Well, these prickly pickles may not taste like worms, but they kind of felt that way all sliding around in my mouth.

Suggestion: do not eat these plain. Instead, dice them into a quesadilla or mix them up with some bbq sauce and cooked ground beef on top of a taco salad. That way they add a nice smokey and subtly spicy taste without the disgusting sluggy side effects.

Well, I have to peace out because Dustin's entire family is coming over for dinner tonight to celebrate our Christmas with them (they're headed to NYC *jealous*) and I am in charge of whipping up our holiday meal.

At my parents' house, we always have steak and lobster (neither or which I really care for) on Christmas Eve and then turkey on Christmas day. I actually got into a huge argument with my mom over whether or not we had ever had anything besides turkey on Christmas (for the record, we HAVE, Mom!). I've got some yummy things on the menu for tomorrow, but tell me--what do you usually eat for your Christmas dinner?

P.S. You all were so sweet to compliment my gingerbread cookies in the last post--makes me smile! xoxo


  1. Love the molasses in the bowl. I've been adding it to my oats and it really gives the whole bowl that "christmasy" feeling.

    The salmon looks great! I think salmon has to be my favorite food on this earth. Well, okay maybe just one of them because I have way to may to choose just one.

    Ewwww cactus? Hmmmm, well it is a plant and I do like my greens! ;)

    Have a wonderful time with Dustin's family. Can't wait to see what you made! :)

    Love ya girl!

  2. We always have beef tenderloin on Christmas - my favorite!! Have a fabulous dinner tomorrow - wish you were coming to NYC with them - then we could play!!

  3. Holy mother of pearl that breakfast/snack cottage cheese combo sounds DELICIOUS! I love the taste of molasses.. I must remember to try out that combo!!

  4. It's funny because I was recently introduced to pickled cacatus at a Mexican restaurant in WI. It was served in a "sauted salad"- it was okay, but like you said it's a little slimey.

    I just found your blog so I was reading through you're old posts- I love all the treats you've been making latey. Both trail mix and chex mix are some of my favorite treats and your mixtures look delicious!

    Have a great weekend.

  5. That breakfast bowl looks SO GOOD! My boyfriend's mom actually makes her own pickled cactus! I guess that's what people do when you live in the desert!

  6. Woa woa - CACTUS, really?

    I have never had it!

    Your salmon looks tasty too!

    Happy weekend,


  7. Tee hee! If you and I cook together...things will be SO spiced up! I'm a spice girl myself!

  8. Cactus!!! I have been looking everywhere for it! When I went to Mexico, I would get a potato and cactus quesadilla everywhere we went. I haven't been able to recreate since!

    Ugh, family dinners can be more stressful than they need to be sometimes. Last year, my mom insisted on having an oil fondue on Christmas Eve. Everyone was excited for it except me. I have digestive issues when it comes to high fat foods, and copious amounts of cooking oils are a big NO for me. She made me participate and I spent the rest of the night in intense pain and in the bathroom :\

    But, feel free to send that lobster up my way!! :D

  9. Hey beautiful!! steak and lobster? that is so fancy!! ahh i bet its good tho! (i like steak once a year-but never had lobster) i LOVE that fiesta lime stuff..use it on everything!!

  10. cactus?! that sounds crazy! they do look a little slimey but I bet they would add a nice flavor to any mexican dish mmm

    I have never had molasses drizzeled like that before! looks great

    happy sunday!

  11. For Christmas we either have turkey, ham or brisket. This year I think we're having ham and brisket. On Christmas Eve we usually do soup, but this year we had soup early and my mom is making me veggie burgers on Christmas Eve :)

    I love that you tried that picked cactus! So adventurous.

    I hope your dinner went splendidly! Have a good Monday lady :)

  12. Just found your blog and love it! I have been craving salmon lately too!!! I just got some last night- good thing I work at bonefish grill! :) Yours looks fabulous and probably way healthier than mine. Love the Ms. Dash and shout out to preventing premature hypertension~haha

  13. look! i am reading blogs! haha. pickled cactus? gnar. i have a something for youuuu. still. ah! hope your holiday was fab!!!