Friday, December 4, 2009

Freaky Family Flashback/FFF #16

Hi-di ho there! Well, the boring/laziness continues, and today I have managed to combine three Friday themes into one sitting. Awesome. This is probably going to be kind of a long and picture filled post in which I talk a lot and really don't end up saying very much.

Obviously, I am taking a page from Janetha's book with a little flashback action. Not that we're flashing that far--just to last weekend. This is so I can show you the frigid adventure I suffered through. No, no, not the in laws--that part was fine! This part:
was the cold one! Yep, that's really me in the back of a pickup truck on a frozen dirt road, bouncing up into the mountains (aka the freaking arctic) to cut down a Christmas tree. yee haw! After nearly suffering hypothermia for approximately 20 minutes, we found our perfect little tree. I sawed it down all by myself...and by "all by myself," I mean that a cut a few gouges in the trunk and got about two inches in before Dustin had to to take over. After that I just stood there and watched. But I did help carry it down!

Don't mind that my boots are like three sizes too big. I'm pretty sure I got them when I was in the 6th grade. We thought I'd grow into them. Ha! Obviously I don't get out that much in the snow anymore, either. Snowboots will last ya that way :)
Here's Dustin's fam with their little one, too. My mother in law swore she wasn't decorating this year (they are going on a cool trip instead), but I think she really wanted to go up and get a tree anyway. Aren't they precious?

They really are, and I loved spending the weekend with them. Dustin has two brothers and two sisters, plus one brother is married, so I get a bonus sister, too! Of course we had lots of holiday food (no pics of the Thanksgiving feast--I didn't want to ruin the mood), and lots of treats, including some of these bad boys:
Tell me you don't love rice crispy treats! I don't think I have had these probably since I bought those snowboots, so it was kind of fun to eat a big gooey hunk on the way back from our Christmas tree expedition. I needed my strength to fight off the icicles.

We also found these fancy things on another freezing-ass cold outing to the North Pole, aka the grocery store.
Screamin' Dill Pickle. Hells yes. Freaky for sure, but disappointingly not as pickle-y as I would have hoped. I was expecting a sharper salt and vinegar type tang, but these screamin chip were really more like a whisper. Just a hint of pickle--and that's really not enough for yours truly, the Pickle Queen. Loveeee me some pickles, so I think next time I will just opt for those over the pickle chips--better for ya anyway :)

Speaking of stuff I love, don't forget you only have until midnight tonight to enter my giveaway. But if you are boring like me, that will be plenty of time for you since you're probably doing something like sitting with a nice book (or blog) and a cup of tea on Friday night. Yesssss!

Actually, I will be kind of a party animal tonight. We are going to our church Christmas dinner to mix and mingle and jingle. I may even be out past 8:00. P.M.!!! Lordy, lordy. We'll see if I can keep my eyes open ;)

However, hope you keep your eyes open for some cool stuff up on the blog tomorrow, including an amazing sammie courtesy of my sister-in-law and, of course, the winner winner chicken dinner. Hopefully that is what we're having tonight, and not some weirdy casseroles with wilty salad and funeral potatoes. Oh well--beggars can't be choosers. Fortunately for me, if the food is a little less than acceptable, I am sure the company will make up for it, and I can always have some of my favorites when I come home. Have a good night, yo! Any non-boring (or boring) plans for the evening? xoxo


  1. I'm right there with you on the late nights! haha

    And you are so darn adorable!

  2. I missed ya , girl! I have never had a real Christmas Tree. You are workin' it in those boots ;)

  3. aww so sweet flashback!!!
    you are so cute.

  4. I wish we could go christmas tree hunting...there is NOTHING LIKE A TREE YOU CUT YOURSELF

  5. Don't worry Emily, I held down fort and was in bed at 8pm for you last night ;)

    I've never had a real Christmas tree and I love them!! They smell soooo good. But my family has allergies. My mom's boyfriend is a rice krispy square expert. His best batches contain either vanilla protein poweder, or sometimes he adds some Bailey's for the adults ;)

  6. WOAH dill pickle potato chips?!? Where have those been all my life?

  7. We celebrated Christmas, an anniversary, and a birthday all today, which felt pretty unboring! Sorry the pickle chips were disappointing, I feel like pickle flavored products never live up to my expectations.

  8. Your Christmas tree adventure reminded me of the Griswolds in "Christmas Vacation." I love that movie!! Even the part about hypothermia...though the skies looked beautiful! :)

    My husband just made Rice Krispies treats for the first time yesterday! Not that we haven't eaten them before, but we'd never made them ourselves. They are too yummy!!

  9. I second the comment above, your story made me think about Christmas Vacation. Loved it! Glad you found a tree and didn't freeze to death :)

    Pickle chips sound amazing! Too bad they weren't as good as they sound.

  10. OH christmas tree! lovely!! i can just imagine you bouncing around in the truck haha. you are so tiny i wouldnt be surprised if you bounced on out of there! the pickle chips SOUND like they would be dynomite. too bad they were not pickletastic. hope the ward partay was fun. when i used to go to those they were always a bust!