Saturday, December 5, 2009

Turkey Tantrums

Holy moly guacamole! My reader is at zero as of 7:40 this a.m.! Whoo hoo! Now that is what I call a productive start to the day! Hopefully I can launch that into more productivity throughout the weekend--here's what I've got planned:
  • 3rd yoga sesh of the week--I am a rockstar (hey, if this counts as strength training, I am at FOUR for the week--right on!)
  • Hit up grocery store (also number four in the last day) to hunt down some Minute Maid light lemonade in a liter bottle and Hershey's Hugs. Who knew they were such a disaster to find??
  • Produce copious amounts of Christmas goodies, using afore mentioned Hugs (check out Abby's sweet recipe here) and other yummy tummy things.
  • Hit up a baby shower for my co-worker's son's girlfriend. Yeah...I am going and I even bought a present in spite of the fact that I have never met this chick before. I am nice. And I'm hoping there's cake ;) JK. She deserves some support and fun baby things, so I am happy to go.
  • Wrap some presents and stick 'em under the treeeeee! We never put presents under the tree when I was growing up, but I kind of like it. I mean, obviously putting your kids' presents in plain view is just asking for trouble, but D is pretty good about keeping his hands off. Plus I already know what I'm getting and it doesn't fit under the tree, so I will be safe too. Any guesses?
Yeah, so we'll see what I get tackled.

In the meantime, here are a couple of luscious sammies for your viewing (and hopefully eating) pleasure:

First up is my own creation. I have to do this one first because it kind of pales in comparison to the masterpiece my super sis-in-law created.

Anyhoo, I give you my first turkey creation.

Panini style whole grainy bread with turkey, laughing cow and sliced pears. Yes , that's a side of pickles. Of course. Perfection. Melty.
My mom says she doesn't quite "get" the whole cheese and fruit thing. Trust me, Ma, if you had this sammie, you totally would.

Next up, the true superstar of this post, my sister in law Jessie's super sammie. She made this hunka hunka burnin love for out knitting club a couple weeks ago and seriously, everyone could NOT stop raving about how delicous it was! She made it for our family again while we were up for Thanksgiving andn I convinced her to let me put it up on the blog.

Accoridng to Jessie, this is a Giada de Laurentiis inspired mashup from a couple of recipes. Jess totally owns this version.

Thick loaf of bread cut in half and spread with garlicky pesto, topped with an ultra think layer of eggs and turkey breast on one side and provelone on the other.
But, wait! There's more! The love of my (food) life--onions! Jsut look at how happy that spoon is, surfing in that oniony gloriousness :)
Crowned with a luscious layer of sweet carmelly onions and finally assembled...

Love ya Jessie! You are quite the little chef, and you can make sammies for me any day of the week!

Oh yeah! One more thing I have to do this weekend--announce my super duper giveaway winner! I was so psyched to see how many people entered in such a short amount of time, and I LOVED everyone's staples. I mean, it's no Chobani giveaway, but ya'll made me feel like I'm not so lame after all :) Love you for that!

So gettin to bizznass......the winner is.....
Elizabeth aka peanutbutterlover!! Whoo hoo girl! Just send me your info and I'll ship your package out as soon as I can get my a** to the post office.

Whew! Well, what are your cookie/treat making plans for the holidays? Anything special you're excited to make for you friends and negihbors (and let's be honest, yourselves!)? Also, do you guys put presents under the tree or save them for later? xoxo


  1. I find it adorable that your mom is in a knitting club. I wish I could knit!

  2. Two amaaaaazing sammie combos!!!! Lovelovelove. Giada makes awesome looking sandwiches all the time too.

    I'm thinking of giving baked goodies away as gifts to my family this year since I'm kinda broke. It's just a matter of figuring out what they'll like. (the kids are easy - chocolate!)

  3. love the picture of the sauteed onions! every year I make SOMETHING for friends and family. last year my schedule was a little more flexible and I actually knitted a billion hats for everyone. this year I'm going to be baking up a storm!

  4. Mmm I love all your amazing sandwich combos! I never really "got" fruit and cheese combos.. in fact I'm still afraid to try it! I think it's just the fact that I'm not a big cheese fan! lol

    Have a wonderful day doing christmas things! I wrapped all my presents yesterday and did some baking.. it's so much fun!

  5. LOVE that amazing sandwich combo! ive never tried pear+laughing cow..i just tried apple and laughing cow last week and it was def life changing!

  6. Sounds like a busy Saturday indeed. I sought out for a few select items at the store today but only came out with half of what I was looking for. STILL NO PUMPKIN! Can you beleive it?!?! It's actually really scary that the shelves are completely bare of pumpkin these days. It's like a real epodemic!

    Hope you are having a great weekend. With those sammies, how could you not be? ;)

  7. I have to admit that I still don't "get" the fruit/cheese thing with sandwiches, but I do love the melty goodness on display!

    Hope your Hugs were a hit--I made another batch today myself for my hair girl. I gave her some last year and she not-so-subtly reminded me how much her and her fiance loved them. Can do!

  8. I totally think yoga counts as strength training!

  9. Don't get the cheese and fruit thing? Haha, she seriously needs to try your sandwich then! The sweet/savory combo is AMAZING!

  10. both look killer but that second one had me drooling a little.. mmm. and reader to a 0?! i wonder what that is like.. hehe.. 244 over here! soon to be 243 after i read your next one :D xoxo

  11. I totally am liking the pear turkey sandwich!

    I want to make popcorn balls! Never tried them before...Maybe with museli? Or museli scones?