Monday, December 21, 2009

Good Intentions

Ok, I had every intention of posting on Saturday, I really did! I even had a delicious sammie for ya'll and then things just got out of hand. With my work party, some church stuff and then D's family had their flight canceled so they ended up staying an extra day with us. Plus Dustin was finally NOT working on a weekend for the first time in a while, so we really needed some time to just chill the eff out. I guess I'm not really apologizing because I know everyone understands that sometimes real life is more important than its documentation, but I just hate feeling like a slacker!

Anyway, let's get to some eats shall we? As I mentioned, I did have an office shindig to attend Saturday morning. It was a brunch at a big fancy hotel downtown that is famous for their spread. It was also at 10:00 a.m., which kind of put a cramp in my eating style. Usually I wake up at 5:15, have a good sized breakfast, workout and then have a snack around that time. Being a creature of habit (a.k.a. rigidly enmeshed in routine), having an actual meal at snackie time was kind of throwing me into a quandary. So I tried a little switcheroo: lighter breakfast and pretty darn big brunch.

Because I was opting for something a little lighter, I strayed from my old faithful CCC and celebrated Sammie Saturday instead. Remember how I told you I am obsessed with this cinnamon raisin bread? Yep, still crazy for it!

Semi-inspired by a sweet/savory wafflewhich I spied on Tay's blog way back when, I manufactured a most excellent sammie out of toasted cinnamon raisin bread, egg whites, turkey sausage and ketchup (obviously).
So good, but wait! Something's missing!
Oh yeah. More ketchup! Added for dipping. Much better.

Oh, and a couple of you were interested to see what I ended up cooking for D's family during our Christmas celebration. And since I regretfully only had one delicious sammie to show you this week, I will show you my Friday night festivities instead! I had to take individual pics since it didn't look as tantalizing all glopped on my plate together, but you'll get the idea :)

Ginger glazed ham for the main course. This was actually my first attempt at glazing a ham, and this sucker was huge! I didn't catch any pictures when I first took it out of the oven all dark brown and bubbly--I was too worried about hefting it (and my Pyrex baking dish) onto the counter without damaging anything. It was beautiful though, and perfectly sweet, smoky and salty.

I also made my version of Cauliflower Mac n Cheese from Real Simple. I've linked to the recipe. The only modifications I make are using fat-free sour cream and reduced fat cheese blend, plus a little feta and paremsan thrown in for extra flavor. I sub in some Fiber One for part of the breadcrumb mix and usually use less than the recipe calls for (still plenty). I also usually use a couple of bags of frozen defrosted cauliflower instead of fresh. It cuts prep way down and makes this dish much easier to prepare. My bacon grease, meat and potatoes family actually loves this and so does D, so how bad can it be? Be aware though, that it does make a lot. A lot. The recipe says only six servings, but this fed 6 of us, plus leftover for me and D twice and a tupperware for the sis. Not that I mind--I always like things second day!

I added in some sauteed brussels sprouts for me, with a balsamic reduction a la Janetha. I think my reducing technique needs a little work though. Practice, practice! Still tasty.
Yum. Glad everyone was here and gave me an excuse to show off my mad cooking skillzzz, um, or at least do what I enjoy the most. My philosophy: "I love you, let me feed you!" I really feel like one of the greatest reflections of affection is to share a meal with the people that you care about.

I hope everyone had a fantastic weekend. Ready for the Christmas countdown? Only 4 days to go!!! xoxo


  1. You have every right to take a break from blogging and enjoy your life! Sometimes I swear, I get so caught up in blogging about my life, that I forget to stop and enjoy it! :)

    Sounds like a great Office Party. So fancy!

    I ADORE egg sammies on cinnamon raisin bread. Nothing like sweet and savory. :)

    Have a great week dear!

  2. Um LOVE the sound of that cauliflower mac and cheese...and like your healthy modifications...must try that soon! Oh and I'm sooooo excited for Christmas! Have a lovely day sweetie!

  3. Ok - funky sandwich, but, it oddly sounds like it could be good. YOu and my husband love ketchup on eggs - wierd :)

    WOW to that cauliflower m&c.....i can only eat my brussel sprouts with balsamic - it's the best!

  4. Life always comes before blogs!! What a yummy sandwich combination! I love the whole sweet/savory idea! You've got some serious cooking skillzzzz :)

  5. My Christmas countdown is ON!! Except, mine ends Wednesday, cause that's when I go home :)

    Aaahhh! Now I want to glaze a ham!! So funny, I usually get cravings for weird raw foods on other blogs, and I leave your blog wanting a hunk of meat :P

  6. i love that! "i love you, let me feed you!" i feel the same way. there is something about providing sustenance to somebody that is so gratifying...and your cooking skillz look amazing! that cauliflower mac looks sooooooo good!

    yay for taking a break and enjoying your weekend - LOTS of love to you dear friend xoxo

  7. Lady, that cauliflower mac and cheese looks SO GOOD!

  8. That sandwich sounds great and so does the mac and cheese. I have a serious weekness for mac and cheese.

    Glad you got to spend some time with the hubz this weekend :)

  9. Looks glorious! Don't worry about ditching the blog...I do it all the time!

  10. this post is total food porn!!! I have to try that breakfast sammie because it just sounds so great :)
    love me some roasted brussels sprouts too!

  11. wow LOVE all the food in here!! that sweet/savory sandwich sounds AMAZE. and the mac and cheese! im about to go look up that recipie all the time. have a GREAT christmas beautiful!

  12. oh i must try cinnamon raisin + egg whites!!! i don't think I have but i bet it is delicious!

  13. I'm a HUGE cauliflower fan but havent tried it with mac 'n cheese. Yum, thanks for sharing!

  14. Ooooh lala mac n cheese :) Looks DELISH! Have a GREAT holiday, girl!!