Friday, March 12, 2010

Best Freaky Friday ever!

Well hey there, hi there, ho there bloggie friends! Gosh, how I have missed you guys! It's 2:00 and I am finally sitting down for probably the first time today. I just thought to myself, Hey! What's that thing I do when I have spare time? Oh yeah! BLOG!! Which explains my lack of decent posting lately--no free time, lots of life getting in the way, but NO apologies :) After all, what's life without a little excitement, huh?

But what better day of the week to come back than Friday, and especially when we can finally make it a FREAKY FOOD Friday! My long lost buddy Janetha B. and I met up for a little blab n gab over lunch yesterday.
So fun! And guess what? She brought me the most amazing thing from her trip to Jamaica!

Betcha never saw this before! What could be more fun (and more freaky) than banana ketchup? Two of my loves united!!

The minute I saw this, I knew EXACTLY how I wanted to try it out. I thought it would be the perfect accompaniment to some baked yams--how delish. (The yams are paler than sweet potatoes, so it doesn't feel quite right to call them cheetas--perhaps leopards instead??)
Wow! This banana ketchup thing really needs to catch on in the U.S.! The ketchup was sweet, sticky and thick with a strong banana flavor and a bit of tang. I swear, with a little dip of this amazing condiment, my yam tasted just like a caramelly banana chip. Very tropical. I almost felt like I was in Jamaica for a sec...and then I remembered it was 30 degrees out side.

Just for fun, I'll show you guys what else I had with my phenomenal potato "chips"

Broiled broccoli, baby steak and massive amounts of caramelized onions--to go with my caramel banana chips, obviously :)

I will be catching up this weekend for sure, and I'm excited to see what everyone's been up to!

I'm off to some family adventures myself. The parentals are in SLC for sissy's birthday this weekend, so I'm sure there will be lots of yummy food, plus some more of this fantastic cake :)

Since I haven't heard from you guys in a long time, tell me: What's the freakiest food you've ever tried from an exotic locale? Maybe a trip to Mexico or Europe--or maybe just a trip to your grandma's house for dinner--do tell! Miss you and love you! xoxo


  1. Yay for hanging out with Janetha!!!!! I had banana ketchup once- someone brought it back from the Phillipines for me :)

    Freakiest food I have tried is probably snails in France. So good!

  2. Um, banana ketchup?! They definitely need to bring this deliciousness to the US, I'm intrigued!

    Freakiest food I've ever tried is jellyfish salad at a sushi place in Lake Tahoe. Just raw tentacles and sesame sauce. Actually wasn't too bad, just a really weird consistency!

  3. HEY LOVE!!
    LOL BANANA KETCHUP!! THAT SOUNDS SO GROSS!! hahaha! soo interesting tho!! aww i have MISSED YOUUUUU! you are so awesome, i am so thankful to know you! PS i just posted EVERYTHING i ate in a day-im super pumped about it! thank you for talking about cardio-soo excited to see what is IN STORE! LOVE YOU!

  4. Hey honey bunny!! Sorry you've been so busy, but yay for hanging out with Janetha B!

    Gosh, I feel like I've eaten some crazy stuff but I can't think of it right now.

    Have an amazing weekend love!

  5. Hey back! Banana ketchup? That's crazy!! Glad it tasted good, I'd loce to try it... Maybe I should do a trip to jamaica just cause? Haha wouldn't that be awesome! Enjoy your weekend and thanks for checking in with us! :)

  6. SWEET! i have got to crack mine open. love you! have fun with the fam!!

  7. YAY for a meet up with Janetha!! How fun! That ketchup sounds so interesting. Good to know it gets the blogger seal of approval :)

    Happy Birthday to your sis!

  8. Okay, when you told me this post included ketchup, never in a million years did I picture banana ketchup!!! That's amazing!! I wonder if it's hard to make ketchup at home, and all the other flavour possibilities for it?? Hmmmm...

    Miss ya right back Emily!!! Don't stress about blogging though, it just makes for an extra-special treat when I open my Reader and see yours there! Have a fantabulous week my dear! xoxo

  9. wow that banana ketchup looks...interseting? haha I can't imagine what it tastes like!

    hmmm freakiest food I have ever tried, thats one I will haev to think about! probably for me, mussels or clams, they freak me out!!! but I did try them once haha

  10. EMILY! this post made me happy. mostly because of those bangin' caramelized onions. i swear i could eat those for every meal and be one happy camper.

    freakiest food? fried bugs at the market in thailand. i do NOT recommend.

    lots of love girl - have a great week!!!

  11. When we lived in Sweden my dad used to eat this fish paste from a tube all the time. Eventually I was intrigued and I had to give it a shot. DEFINITELY not for me!

  12. no way!! i heart banana ketchup and i totally thought it was just a filipino condiment! that baron brand has some CRAZY good hot sauce...we grabbed like 2 bottles when we were in Grenada a couple years ago. SO yum!

  13. I just tried those yam noodles too! I made them in a veggie stir-fry and it was delish! the noodles were just a little rubbery, i thought. anyways wierdest food i've tried=black rice pudding in bali (i'm not too adventurous when it comes to foods). it was made with coconut milk and it was sooo good!

  14. bah-nanner ketchup!??? that is the strangest combination of flavors I have ever heard of!