Wednesday, February 10, 2010, catching up

Hi friends! No, unfortunately, there is no ketchup to be found in this post, but there IS some yummy cranberry mustard, and a whole lotta catching up to do , so let's dive in, shall we?

It's been almost a week since I've posted, but of course the big highlight was my birthday last Thursday. Thanks so much for all the wonderful birthday wishes. You guys are the best, and I was very flattered by all the comments! Anyone tried the SMOATS yet? Gosh, I know they look weird, but they are so good! I'm having them again tomorrow to perk up my day--I have to work all. dang. day. Over 12 hours. Waaah. What a cry baby.

Anyway, I got tons of super sweet and thoughtful presents for my special day, but I'll just show you the fabby foodie ones.

My sister is the bomb and got me the ultra-stylin' polar bear plate and matching sparkly cup that I've had my eye on. Yeah, I'm 26 now and I still like melamine cartoon plates--also to perk up my day at work. What? Cute little beehive tea infuser (I do live in the Beehive State!) and sinfully indulgent walnut green tea from my bro. It tastes like butter. No joke.
And...check it out! Probably like the very first ever home exercise audio! How freakin cool is that? I don't have a record player, so I'll probably never know what it says, but luckily I have the handy-dandy pictures on the cover to assist me if I ever decide to bust out the moves. Thanks Joel! Hubs also got me a gift card to Whole Foods, which is burning a major hole in my pocket! He's so great.

Oh food, glorious food! So many good things on my birthday including a ginormous frosted cupcake from the gals at work, crispy sweet potato fries,
turkey burger with cranberry mustard (told you) on a sweet potato bun and the most decadent and marshmallow-y bread pudding I have ever tasted, courtesy of Acme Burger. Ho-leeeey cow. Everyone's order was very tasty and the service was impeccable. If you are in the SLC, GO!

Of course I was even more spoiled rotten at home where my mama whipped up her signature from-scratch super chocolate cake with extra frosting and tons of SPRINKLES!!!
My mom was so funny--she hunted high and low for just PINK sprinkles, but couldn't find any so she and my dad sat down and hand sorted out a bunch of pink for me. Jeez. I am spoiled!

Daddy Experimentarian obliged my two birthday requests also, by fixing up his perfect pancakes with a side of thick cut bacon for breakfast.
I swear those pancakes are one of my favorite things on this earth. I would probably make them my last meal. Well, pancakes and smoked salmon--which my dad also put together for me.
Seen here as lunch leftovers the other day atop mixed greens, red peppers, onion, mushrooms and dried cranberries. I mixed that with a little BBQ vinaigrette and I never wanted to stop eating it.

Well, that's all for now, and quite enough, I'm sure! A big huge thanks to Kendal for guesting for me on Friday. I don't know about you, but all her food adventures make me long to travel! Luckily, I've had my dose of exotic locales for now (Sweetwater County homies!) and am all settled in at home, at least until next week!

Do you love going home for a little TLC like me? What's the one thing your parents make for you that no one does better? You saw my list above--I'd love to know yours! xoxo


  1. All those desserts look AMAZING!
    I'm heading to my in laws, then my parents this weekend. I need a little TLC for sure!
    My mother in law makes the best middle eastern food, I can't get it as perfect. For BBQ, there's no one like my dad!

  2. Happy belated birthday! Those bday eats look incredible...give me some of that cake, por favor!

  3. Looks like a great day! I want that cake and panceks. Hehe... :D LOVE your plate!!!!!

    My dad makes the best burgers and roast chicken ever and my mom makes great veggie lasagne :D I think all parents cooking tastes awesome to their kids!

  4. That burger looked incredible. Sweet potato bun?!? OMG.

    And the cake looks fantastic. Yay birthdays! Happy late b-day again my dear :)

  5. happy belated bday hon! your eats all look amazing! That chocolate cake looks absolutely amazing! Wow! So good. I love going home and getting spoiled. My mom makes an amazing tofu pb pudding, lol. Sounds weird but I crave it. I hope you have an awesome day!

  6. I love the fact that you took a well deserved bloggie holiday! Looks like the break treated you well- that cake is INSANE!

  7. i am so glad you had a wondrous birthday my dear - so much love to you.

    ummm those cupcakes? please, i need one of those like right now.

    on our birthdays growing up, my mom would always make us whatever dinner we wanted. to this day, she still does. it is such the little things :)

    love you girl!

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  9. Eeeep, guess I'm playing "ketchup" too! ;) Burger + cake w/ sprinkles sounds like the purrrfect b-day food to me. And you know I'd be all over that cranberry mustard too ;)

    And is that homemade smoked salmon!? Tons of good fat happening right there :)

    My dad also makes a mean batch of pancakes. However, my mom makes THE best vegepate. Some of that, with her homemade hummus, on pita bread, is like little bites of veggie heaven :)