Wednesday, February 24, 2010

The Haul and the Wall

Heya strangers! I'm back from glorious Arizona and things have been CRAZY! Crazy and cold! It seems like only Friday I was sitting by the pool and soaking up the sun. Wait, I was. And now here I am back in the SLC and working away. Drat. BUT...I do have some fantastic reminders of my trip to cheer me up: my Trader Joe's haul!

OMGgggggg. I literally could have spent all day in that store poring over new products and searching for stuff that I have seen on all of your bloggies. My friends, however, were not so enthralled, so I had to choose my products and use my time wisely!

This is what I ended up with: Dark Chocolate Crisps (um, PERFECT after lunch treat--they are just the right amount of chocolate to get me through!), vanilla meringues, pita puffs, baked jalapeno cheese puffs, dark chocolate pomegranate seeds, crunchy salted almond butter with flax seeds, peanut butter jam frakas bar (I am not so impressed with these) spicy black bean dip, chili covered pineapple, pb&j chocolate bar (guess what?? It has potato chips in it too! How awesome!), ginger mango chutney and fig bars. yeesh. Oh, plus a way cool tote bag that I just want to use as my purse because it's so cute and large.

...and the one perishable thing I allowed myself to get so I could eat it while I was there

I tell ya, I am a sucker for Greek yogurt! I just HAD to try this one. I did make a delectable breakfast bowl using this and some cereal I brought from home, plus pb snagged form the breakfast bar at the hotel. Unfortunately, no pic as it was eaten by the single kitchen light bulb in our suite. Didn't wanna wake the roomies!

Not only did I score some wonderful treats in AZ, but I also had a completely fabulous package waiting for me upon my return home.

I was SO excited to learn that Chrysta from Living Fit!

Tea, fabulous tea! Chrysta was sweet enough to send me two amazing teas from Teavana that I have been dying to try, along with a very fancy storage set.

Both of these are wonderful, and I particularly love the spicy notes in the Azteca. Thank you so much Chrysta!!

In other news, I walked into the exposed brick wall in my bedroom this morning. Just goes to show that I can't be trusted to do anything complicated like walking before I eat breakfast. ;) Hope your day is going well and a little less discombobulated than mine. I have missed you all so much and still have a ton of catching up to do in the reader, but I will "see" you soon :) xoxo

P.S. I did not check to see how many times I used the word "fabulous" in this post, but I'm pretty sure it was a lot. Please excuse the abundant overuse. Apparently walking into a wall reduces your ability to think of synonyms as well.


  1. OOOOOH! So glad you got the PBJ bar- how is it? Sounds awesome. Yay for TJ's!!!

  2. It's okay, last night I used cumin instead of nutmeg in my pancakes... oops!

  3. Jealous you got to spend some time in TJs, I'm just waiting for my next trip to seattle to get there.. countdown is on!

  4. Oh my gosh!! LOVE the TJs haul! Those fig bars are so yummy - enjoy taste testing!

    PS. Send me your address, you won the Maranatha giveaway :)

  5. Chili covered pineapple? Super intrigued to find out if that's any good. Welcome back! Missed you! So glad you enjoyed your trip to warm Az.

  6. Girl you got some great buys!!!! The Pom yogurt is one of my favorites and that chutney is to die for!!!! Glad you enjoyed. Oh and I totally spend hours in this store too. Funny how I can easily spend 4 hours in a store that is not very big, but I am running out of the mall in less than 5 min!!! :)

    Happy you had a good trip and that you are home safely. :)

  7. Yay, glad you made out like a bandit at Trader Joe's. I love that store. I will not move anywhere unless it's within 10 miles of a TJ's :)
    I've walked into walls before ;)

  8. Glad you got to experience the wonders of TJ's :-) Good choice on the bean dip - that stuff is awesome!! And I agree, I really didn't like the Jam Frankas bars. Too tiny and not great stats!

  9. I love your TJ's haul! That store is heaven on earth :) I'm obsessed with their chili pineapple- so yummy and SPICY! Have a great day!

  10. Oh I'd give anything to visit a warm local right now! Glad you had a good trip! And yay for TJ's! I've never had a shopping trip there. Just walked in once but couldn't buy anything because I only had a carry-on suitcase and it was already stuffed.

    Oh, and I walk into things all. the. time. Even after breakfast ;)

    Glad you're back!

  11. Hope you had a good trip! I'm notorious for walking into walls....and door frames...;)

  12. Trader Joes is something I hadn't even heard of until I started reading blogs. There are Whole Foods stores in bigger Canadian cities, but I'm pretty sure we don't have any TJs. Probably for the better. I hear there are peanut butter filled pretzels in that store...

    Oh! And potato chips IN a bar?? That's awesome!

    Missed yooouuu!!

  13. yey! so glad you got your tea. Im glad you like hon! Great TJs score too! woohoo! I love that place! Those fig bars sound awesome. Im such a fan of anything with figs in it=) I hope you had a great trip as well sweetie. Have a fantastic day!

  14. I tried the pomegranate greek yogurt from TJ's awhile back. It was good but it tasted like any other berry fruit- like raspberry or strawberry. I was kind of disappointed because I like the flavor of pomegranate.