Friday, March 19, 2010


Just in time for Freaky Food Friday! A batch of disgu--eeewww--sting concoctions from yours truly. Well, not that I actually think they're that gross--but I think my husband would beg to differ! :)

But, as we food bloggers know, the food that looks the strangest can often times taste the best--and be good for you too! Number One:

The Smeeeeewwwwthie!

Spinach, blueberries, stevia, cocoa powder, cinnamon and a few chunks of banana. Looks disgusting, tastes delicious! The chocolate flavor was pretty faint, but just added a nice hint of flavor while masking the gritty taste of the spinach. I love getting 2 full servings of veggies before lunch time!

Second: Neeeeewwwwdles!

Not that I have anything AT ALL against normal noodles, but finding a worthy pasta swap is kind of a fun little experimentation for me. I tired kelp noodles not too long ago, and couldn't resist these yam noodles when I spotted them in our Asian grocery.

These shiritaki noodles are almost identical to the famous Tofu Shiritaki, minus the tofu. I used to love the Tofu Shiritaki, but obviously the soy factor is a problem for me, so I was super excited to see the soy-free original version.
These noodles so require a bit of extra attention. After rinsing and draining extremely well ( warning! DO NOT smell them right as you open the bag--bad news bears fer real), I steamed them in the microwave for about 3-4 minutes and patted them dry with a clean dishtowel. I think cooking them for a little bit removes any of the briny taste and leaves them actually smelling like yams (instead of sewage).

Served with homemade turkey meatballs and spicy marinara. Yum Yum. :)

I did like these better than the kelp noodles. The shiritaki are much more like regular pasta, albeit finer and a little more chewy. But I do think they provide a great lighter base for more sturdy meal components such as protein, sauce, veggies and cheese.

There are basically no nutrition facts for these noodles--There are 2.5 servings per package, but each serving clocks 0 calories, fat, protein--nothing! While I am sure there is a minimal amount of calories and nutrients, the only ingredients are purified water, yam flour and hydrated lime. Now that's kind of freaky!

I know I have been kind of a bad blogger lately, and I really do miss everyone! My sister just announced a wedding date--in 8 weeks--so we are scrambling around trying to get that business under control. Plus work is very energy-consuming at the moment. Yeesh.

But also to be totally honest, sometimes I really enjoy not focusing so much on food in the day to day affairs. When I was locked into my ED, food was all I thought about, and now it's kind of refreshing to remove that fixation from some of my activities. Not that I am going anywhere though! This blog has served as an invaluable tool for me throughout the worst of my disorder and my continuing recovery. I know you all understand :)

Have a glorious weekend. And tell me--what freaky food do you love that looks disgusting, but tastes amazing? Love you lots! xoxo


  1. Hmmm, not sure I can get past these weird noodles. Do you find that they have sort of a fishy taste? I find that the Shikate ones do.

    Girl, I completely understand where you are coming from on how freeing life can be when your life is not consumed around food! I use to feel like this all the time and it was just so exhausting. Food is such an incredible asset to our lives, but it shouldn't control nor consume us, much like ANY ONE thing! I am so happy that you are able to see this now. Keep strong love! :)

  2. LOVE Shiritaki noodles but haven't had them in forever. I can definitely second the rinsing and not smelling them at first---it will make you sick!

  3. I love your freaky food adventures! I've never tried shirataki noodles, but I've always been curious.

    Glad you're doing well girl!

  4. So funny! I actually just posted about tofu shirataki on my recent post. The first time I tried them and opened the bag, my husband gagged and gave me the "you must have lost your f*$@ing mind" look. I love them now!

  5. Don't feel like a bad blogger! Everyone deserves to have a REAL life, you know?! I've been slacking too but at the same time it's because I'm more social these days which is a good thing :)

    LOVE the sounds of those noodles - very interesting! I've heard bad things about the smell so I'll have to plug my nose!

  6. yeah those yam noodles smell nasty. but they're not too bad!

  7. EMILY!!!! I miss you! I feel ya on the blogging thing - life just gets crazy! But I am so excited for the wedding and for your sister - that is going to be such a happy, exciting affair! And obviously, much more important than blogging :)

    LOVE the smoothie and shirataki...I have tried both and LOVE them. Hmmm...the freakiest food I have tried recently? Gah, I can't think of anything! I guess that means I need to step my game up this week :)

  8. I love this blog. Freaky yet amazing. Thanks for sharing this one. If you are interested for more extraordinaire dishes, check out Foodista (Http:// they have long list of recipes that I know suite your taste.


  9. HEy Laura! It's K! I am wondering if you ever received a tea package from the tea exchange that you signed up for?
    I know it's been a while!

    If not, let me know and I'll make sure you get one in the next few weeks! the meantime, can you start to send a tea sampling along to Ms. Rose??
    Hope you are doing well!

  10. I have a pack every night! Microwaving them with seasoning for 12min steams away all excess moisture!