Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Super Duper NON-Meat-Filled

After that smokey, super-duper meat-filled post this weekend, this one will be a wee bit of a contrast! Here is my second go around of Meatless Monday, documented this time because I am smart(ass).

I have been looking forward to making this for a looooong time, ever since I saw it on Janetha's blog back in December! Of course I modified the recipe a little, like any good experimentarian. I almost used my leftover kelp noodles, but decided to keep the carbs up in this one :)

Sun dried Tomato and White Bean Pasta with Pesto
A while ago, Ronzoni sent me some of their pasta to try, and I have been hooked ever since. I know that some people find the taste of whole wheat pasta a little bitter, but I love the nuttiness and grainier texture.
This dinner came together super quickly. As the pasta was boiling, I sauteed up about 1/4 of an onion. I am cutting back. Um, just kidding. Then I added a few sliced mushrooms and some fresh spinach.
Janetha's original version had chicken in it, but since it was Meatless Monday, I went with some rinsed and drained white beans for protein instead.
Of course, I couldn't go without the sun dried tomatoes--they were totally the reason I was after this recipe in the first place!
I chopped about 5 or 6 of them, and then mixed them with the cooked pasta, sauteed veggies and the other star ingredients:
Delicious basil pesto and laughing cow. Yummy. It's basilicious. That's what it says on the package! Ha ha!
Rocks my socks. Anyhow, since Dustin is out of towners this week, I decided to take advantage of my alone time and do some healthified, also meat-free baking that I knew would be non-husband approved. BUT, definitely Emily-approved! And more importantly, April-invented!
I baked up a mini loaf of
April's Low Carb Sweet Bread, with just a couple of modifications, using 3 egg whites in place of egg substitute, and halving all ingredients. I also subbed in 1/4 c. quick oats for some of the ground flax seed.

Sadly, my attempt turned out a little bitter--I should have added more stevia. April's original recipe calls for 2 tsp of pure stevia extract and I just threw in two packets of NuNaturals because it was all I had. However I remedied it in a hurry by creating what else? A cottage cheese concoction!

1/2 c. lowfat cottage cheese, suncrystals, powdered peanut butter and banana slices. Dang, should have made more than half a batch!

Oh jeez, I just realized I didn't really have one original idea in this whole post--just a copy cat! Oh well. That is one thing I love about blogging is gleaning new tips and tricks from all my friends and their fantastic minds! Luckily, I have the whole rest of the week to think up some crazy kitchen experiments with D gone. Truly, I miss him terribly, but it is really fun for me to come up with things to suit my taste alone. We'll see if any of them are decent enough to make it onto the blog :) What are your favorite ways to spend your alone time?

For me, reading, calling old friends to catch up, making up exercises and watching crappy TV top the list. I even got to catch Biggest Loser tonight, which D hates! I have such a girlie crush on Jillian! She is fabulous. And Bob has nice teeth. And I think the drama is hilarious. You can tell they totally play to the camera, big time! Ok, enough now. Hope you all had a wonderful and relaxing evening. Happy Humpday tomorrow! xoxo


  1. That pasta dish sounds amazing! I love white bean and pesto. I just picked up the White Bean Basil Hummus at TJ's and I am now having ideas of making this kind of meal out of it.

    I am just like you, I love to spend time alone and I see it as a time to catch up not only with others, but with myself as well. It's so good to reconnect with your own soul from time to time. :)

    Have a great day love!

  2. That is the best part of blogging, getting ideas from others! My alone time is the same way, reconnect with myself an everyone else!

  3. I remember that dish from Janetha's blog - omg it looks delicious! I need to incorporate laughing cow into more dishes...it's so creamy and yummy!

    Oh and I LOVE my alone time...I read all my trashy magazines, watch terrible tv, bake, talk on the phone...fabulous! Have a lovely day sweeite!

  4. lovely looking pasta -- totally agree that sundried tomatoes make anything delish!

  5. I'm so glad you made the sweet bread! Pure stevia is extremely sweet.. so my bread is soooo sweet! LOL.

    And I love how you have meatless Monday! It's kind of like my Salmon Sunday!

    And I'm glad to see your back to posting and commenting! I've missed you tons!

  6. that pasta looks SO tasty! thanks for the birthday wishes!

  7. Pastaaa!!! It looks delicious! and even better... it looks simple+delicious with minimal ingredients. My favorite kind of recipe :)

  8. Oh. my. gosh. That pasta looks AMAZING! I've been in a pasta rut lately. Just sick of my usual dishes. I may have to try this one!

  9. BASILICIOUS! haha i love that. hooray for that pasta! when you said i made it i was like i did? i totally forgot about that delicious stuff! i think your version of her bread looks great~ i wonder why it didnt taste bangin? well i am about to leave for our date! can't wait! xo

  10. The pasta looks de-lish! (I could totally live meatless if I didn't have to worry about 5 meat hungry boys around here! ;)

  11. I always copy recipes off those two girls! Your renditions looked flawless :) XOXO!

  12. Sun dried tomatoes are amazing - what a great pasta dish!! Sorry your version of the bread wasn't what you wanted, add a little CC and it makes the world better ;)

  13. I've got a mega girl crush on Jillian! She's kinda my hero... shhhhh... ;)

    I've been wanting to try April's bread too!! I have to buy both flax and soy flour for it though which will be pricey, so it's holding me back. Although for how long, I don't know :P

    Also, I much prefer whole wheat pasta to the white stuff. It's got more substance!

  14. "And Bob has nice teeth."
    HAHAHAHAHHAHA!!!!! That was hilarious, for some reason. :D

    The pasta looks delicious! Love Janetha, she's an amazing gal.

  15. HEY LOVE!!
    what a great pasta dish!!!
    and the bread! i made that too!! mine wasnt sweet enough tho! i gota make it again.
    girl-i get so many good ideas from the blog world..no shame in that!