Saturday, January 23, 2010

A Recipe and A Review

Hey guys! guess what I found out today? The state vegetable of Utah is the ONION!!

How appropriate. For me, anyway. So glad I live in a place that gives love to one of my favorite things!
Out of curiosity, I looked up Wyoming to see if it had a state vegetable, but sadly, it doesn't I should have known--nothing grows in Wyo except for sagebrush anyway, which probably isn't so tasty. Not that I wouldn't try it! ;) However, I DID learn that another one of my favorite states, North Carolina, own the SWEET POTATO as their veggie of choice. Awesome! just another reason to love the "old north state!" So... a little random trivia there!

In other randomness, I decide to forgo both Freaky Food Friday and Sammie Saturday this week, and mix it up a bit instead with a recipe and a restaurant review, hence the title!

So, ALL WEEK, I have been craving one thing: a brownie and a Diet Coke. Odd, I know, and it sounds like such a "dieters" snack, but that certain combo makes me quite nostalgic for my mama in a round about fashion. Explanation: growing up, we would always have an afternoon snack on the weekends, usually consisting of yep, a piece of chocolate something or other and a delicious diet beverage. Usually this would occur after my mom woke up from her nap, which happened after reading the weekend comics, which happened after a scrumptious pancake brekkie made by my dad, which happened after my weekly father-daughter bonding grocery shopping trip with him. So you see, quite the string of happy flashback memories for ya there!

A lady at work actually brought in brownies which is what kick started my chocoholism, but I DID taste one and they were kind of yucky. They just tasted like margarine. Icky. Of course, I know it is perfectly fine to indulge in a real brownie every now and again, but I knew I could make a healthified sub in the meantime.

I have been totally eyeing everyone's microwave creations lately--see Tina's cookie and April's protein cakes--but I created my own combo by modification a recipe I found on the Eggland's Best site. Introducing the Brownie Batter Puffcake!

Whisk together 2 egg whites, 1/2 tsp. vanilla, 1 tsp. powdered stevia ( I used two NuNaturals packets), 2 tbs. pumpkin puree and 1 tbs. almond milk. Once thoroughly combined and egg whites are frothy, stir in 2 tbs. flour and one heaping tbs cocoa powder. Mix well to combine, and pour contents into a microwave safe mug sprayed with Pam. Microwave for 2-3 minutes, and plop out to let cool.

Cake will be very moist and almost souffle-like in texture. It's almost like pudding at the bottom, which is where the name comes from--pudding+cupcake/muffin+mug=Puffcake.
Top with sprinkles (obviously) if you want to be extra fancy, and a dollop of vanilla yogurt and serve alongside Diet Coke for a trip down memory lane.

OR, throw into a bowl of cottage cheese and top with Sunbutter for a super delicious start to your Saturday morning.

Decadent. I may mess around with this and try adding wheat bran instead of flour to up the fiber content and make it a little more filling. You surely could sub in protein powder, but since most brands have soy in them, that is not a good option for me. However, this still has pretty good stats, clocking in at right around 100 calories, 3 g of fiber and 10 g of protein.

Even after that delicious start, my day got better! It is my bro-in-law's birthday on Tuesday, so we drove down to Provo, which is about half an hour away from us to celebrate early. I LOVE birthdays! I don't care who's they are, I just think they're great! But, they are even better when they belong to people I love :) Speaking, HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO SUSAN TODAY!!!

Anyway, Ollie is a vegetarian, and I knew the perfect place to please everyone's discerning palettes. Guru's used to have a location in SLC before I lived and I would visit all the time with my sis. Now they are just in Provo, but it is sure worth the drive! Guru's has a great philosophy about first nourishing our bodies so we and then nourish our lives, and nourish we did! After pouring over an extensive menu packed with great, healthy options, with everything from noodle and rice bowls to wraps, pasta, even breakfast, I finally chose a blackened salmon salad with raspberry vinegar.

Not even an oily vinaigrette--they actually had gourmet vinegar! It's like they knew I was coming! My salad was a lot of lettuce, but also had feta cheese, tomatoes, onions, snap peas, and the salmon was out of this world!

Ollie had a veggie and tofu cilantro lime wrap that came with tortilla chips and salsa.

And Dustin had a good-sized burrito, stuffed with juicy pork, rice and black beans then smothered in cheese and pico di gallo.

I must say, everyone devoured their food and loved every bite of it! Everything I saw come out of the kitchen looked seriously amazing, and there are tons of yummy menu items I would love to go back and try! the decor is fun and hip, the service was good and I'm definitely giving Guru's my two thumbs up!

Another thing I'm giving a thumbs up--Ollie's super sweet new look courtesy of some of our hilarious birthday presents to him. Rockin it!

Happy Birthday Olls! Love ya!

Hope everyone's having a great weekend and is eating as much yummy food as I am! check out Guru's menu and tell me what YOU would try next. It's all killer! xoxo


  1. Ahh your little puff cake is precious!! What a great idea to add it to cottage cheese.. I might have to steal that idea of yours!!

  2. OMG that cake looks sooo yummy! Definitely saved that one. Thanks for sharing! :)

  3. That looks delicious!! Like a mini-molten lava cake :-)

  4. Awww, thanks for the b-day shout out Emily!! I love that your state veggie is the onion. I just looked up my provincial one and it's fiddleheads!! Fun!

    I've been experimenting with microwave protein cakes lately - i need to try that brownie!

  5. dude i had no idea about the onion. wtf? that is awesome! i love gurus. and if you can believe it, it used to taste even BETTER when it was on 9th and 9th. the provo one doesnt compare, sadly. love that puffy cakey thang! and love you!

  6. Oh my gosh that cake looks so cute and delicious! I'm loving the sprinkles :)

    Diet Coke brings back childhood memories, best friend's mom was addicted and it always reminds me of time spent at her house!

  7. Hey those are some nice glasses. Thanks again for coming down; it was fun.

  8. The onion - haha! I love onions but I hate the onion hangover. The sprinkles on that cake made me grin! I LOVE THEM! Now I'm craving a brownie and a Diet Coke, thanks ;)

  9. I'm pretty sure diet cokes go perfectly with everything... That brownie looks SO GOOD. I mean, really good. Like, I wish I could like my screen good.

  10. I used to be addicted to Diet Coke. Now, I am treating my addiction by only 2 a week :) That brownie looks fantastic!!

  11. Hmmm, I wonder if Oklahoma has a state veggie?

    I love onions too! And that brownie batter thingy looks TDF! YUUUM!

    I love restaurants like that. Totally worth the drive if they're good.

    Have a good day girl!

  12. Hello puffcake choco-gasm! I can't wait to see how it works with modifications.

  13. Hey girl! Just found your blog and love it! That is one amazing looking cake. It is definitely on my to make list. Wow. have a great day!!

  14. forgive me for being so behind on your blog - it doesn't mean i don't love you so very much!

    ollie = adorable.

    that puffcake = GENIUS! i love it. that is going to come in soooo handy when i need something sweet. and yay for onions - i happen to love them! lots of love to you lady :)

  15. Just found your blog and loveeeeee your brownie recipe- looks so delightful and delicious!

  16. hi!! thanks so much for stopping by my blog :)
    that restaurant looks sooo good, i wish there was one like it here in ohio.
    happy thursday!!

  17. Ok, after drooling over your brownie, I know, I have got to get a microwave! I've lived for 2 years without one in Germany, but the more I see delicious creations like that, the more I want to bring my American ways to Europe!

  18. WOW I've GOT to try that...sounds incredible :)

  19. love the sprinkles on teh cake. that makes it even more delicious! =D