Wednesday, May 13, 2009

About The Experimentarian

Are you going to eat all that? Does that taste like cardboard? What IS that?
These are all questions I get asked on a fairly regular basis. Well, "that" happens to be my food, and the answers tend to be "yes," "no," and "none of your business, " in that order. However, with the recent explosion of foodie blogs on the net, I've decided to make it your business!

I've been accused of being a picky eater, but the truth is I'm actually pretty adventurous when it comes to my food--as long as it's healthy, I'll try it! That's where the name, and the phrase, the experimentarian comes in. I love to try new things when it comes to what I eat, and I'm continuously on the hunt for new meals, snacks and recipes. I figured since I try new things almost every day, it might be cool to share the knowledge I'm gaining with others like me (I can't be the only one, can I???).

I eat tons of fruit and veggies, but alas, I personally can't thrive and survive on those alone, so all the major food groups are included. I don't limit what I eat with the exception of soy products (sensitivity), which definitely adds another element to searching for healthy eats since many, many items on the shelf contain soy. Therefore, the only requirements I have when it comes to my finds are that they are healthy, soy free and at least LOOK appetizing!I'll try it, buy it, taste it and test it and share my take on whatever yummy or yucky things I come up with.

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