Sunday, August 9, 2009

Sunny Sunday

MMM. delicious. Wow, Sunbutter, where have you been all my life?? This new find is delightfully nutty and crunchy. I really think crunchy is the only way to go when selecting nut butters. I just adds so much extra flavor and texture, as you can see...A little sweeter than I normally like my nut butters, but the sweet and salty combo is out if this world! I compared the nutritionals on this product to my husband's regular Skippy all natural pb, and they were almost identical-- the most outstanding difference being 2 g more fiber in favor of the Sunbutter. Fabulous. Everyone needs more fiber :) Other than that, the Sunbutter contains 200 calories, 16 g fat and 7 g protein. This butter also has a significant DV of Vitamin E (27%), Magnesium (25%) and Copper (25%). Ingredients are minimal: sunflower seeds, dehydrated cane juice, salt and natural mixed tocopherols to preserve freshness.

Note-I had no idea what "natural mixed tocopherols" were, so I looked it up. turns out, tocopherol is an antioxidant related to vitamin E that helps prevent the oxidation of certain food compounds. You can learn more here or here. Fascinating. And it makes perfect sense given the high content of both Vitamin E and copper in the spread.

Well, this was a great way to kick off my Sunny Sunday, and I'm already plotting more ways I can eat this stuff throughout the week (or maybe later on today!).


  1. i used my sun butter sample to make hummus, i LOVED it! i didnt know they made crunchy~when i buy it i will for sure get the crunchy. i agree with you on that.

  2. Wow that looks delicious! I always eye it when I walk by the nut butters. Maybe next time it will make it into the cart.

  3. I appreciated this review, as I've seen sun butters around the blog world but never really knew what they contained or tasted like!

  4. Janetha-I was thinking how awesome sunbutter would be in hummus, too! Glad to know it worked out for you. I'll have to try it next time :)

  5. I just made sunflower butter last week (check last weekend's round up!)
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