Friday, August 21, 2009

Freaky Food Friday

Tina has Cookie Friday, Janetha B. has Flashback Friday, and here I am with my own little addition to all the Friday Fabuloussness: Freaky Food Friday. Hopefully this will become a regular feature, assuming I can find enough freaky food to sustain it. I went to the natural foods store yesterday and picked out the most bizarre thing I could find...

Y'all know I live for sour stuff, especially vinegar (yum!), so when I saw this, my heart leapt for real! I decided it would be perfect for the first installment of Freaky Food Friday, and snapped it up lickety split!

I will just say that if any you you ladies can handle kombucha, this would be easy-breezy for you to swill down. The vinegar taste is so light, it almost tastes like lemonade, oddly enough. I thought the honey was rather overwhelming, and personally would have added more vinegar, but that's just me :)

According to my sis, they used to drink shiz like this back in the prairie days to keep cool in the summer. Word. That's exactly what I did!


  1. oh i love the freaky food idea! i hate kombucha so i dont know if i would like this, haha, but i am not opposed. i know a lot of people who do take a shot of vinegar every day for their health though!

  2. Holy moly you are brave! I tried to drink that once to help with digestion and I could not get that stuff down! lol

  3. Congratulations on an awesome run!!! And way to stick it to Ed. Very inspiring story!